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“House of Cards” Russian Deep Impact

Can synchronicity predict or foreshadow future events? Certainly. We’ve been uniquely dealing with that phenomenon on this website for decades now. Reality whispers. You just have to know how to listen and be open to all possibilities regardless of your own personal desires. Many people find that hard to do, especially when politics is involved. What if you liked Trump, or Obama, and synchronicity whispered a dark future for his presidency? Would you accept it? Would you ignore it? Would you try to force a different, more positive interpretation? If acquiring glimpses of the future is the objective, then you have no other choice but to put your ego aside and simply focus on getting the “message” right and become a faithful “messenger”.

The following – an apparent “prophetic message” in the form of multicontextually interlocking “coincidences” – I present to you as a “messenger”. You can take it or leave it, don’t shoot the messenger. I just report what I “hear”.

*    *    *

On August 21, 2018

Aug 21 Trump ex-campaign chief Manafort found guilty of 8 fraud charges
Aug 21 Ex-Trump lawyer Cohen pleads guilty on 8 counts

The gates of hell opened for Trump…

Aug 21 The worst hour of Trump’s presidency just happened
Aug 21 Darkest day for presidency since Watergate

…exactly one year after the “Great American Solar Eclipse”…

…peaking right above “618” (area code)…

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…miraculously the exact number flashed on August 20th (the day before the eclipse anniversary) via Kevin Spacey…

Aug 20, 2018 Kevin Spacey movie takes in dismal $618

…who was an immoral President of the United States in Netflix’s maximally toxic political drama House of Cards

…but removed late last year following allegations of sexual misconduct.

On August 21, 2018 Trump’s ex-personal lawyer Michael Cohen declared under oath he was directed by Trump to pay off women, including a porn star, for their silence.

What does a “house of cards” do?

It crumbles.

A “house of cards” made of trump cards, evoking the tarot’s Tower card.

“Trump” and “Tower”. “Trump Tower“.

Starting to fall apart.

The “Tower” card is #16, numerically matching the ’16 election (Trump) and Pope Benedict XVI (16)

…whose resignation in February 2013 closely coincided with House of Cards debuting on Netflix (Feb 1, 2013) and a meteor exploding over Chelyabinsk, Russia (Feb 15, 2013)…

[Feb 11, 2013 Pope Benedict XVI announces resignation]
[Feb 15, 2013 Major meteor impact in Chelyabinsk, Russia]

…together producing a “deep impact” geo-alignment pinpointing Rio de Janeiro

…which would host the 2016 Summer Olympics only a few months before the Trump election.

Aug 05, 2016 ‘Rio is ready to make history’ as Olympic Games begin

[Russian meteor & famous Olympian (“Blade Runner”) together in news]

And it was exactly around the Rio Olympics (August 2016) that Russia‘s cyber warfare against the US first surfaced in the news…

Jul 25, 2016 FBI Suspects Russia Hacked DNC;
U.S. Officials Say It Was to Elect Donald Trump
Jul 26 Why Experts Are Sure Russia Hacked the DNC Emails
Jul 27 Trump Calls on Russia to ‘Find’ Missing Clinton Emails
Jul 27 ‘Treason’? Critics savage Trump over Russia hack comments
Jul 30 Donald Trump and Russia: a web that grows more tangled all the time
Aug 02 Trump’s Russia problem persists
Aug 10 Russian Hack of Democrats’ Accounts Was Wider Than Believed

Aug 14 Trump campaign chief Manafort listed on Ukraine “dirty cash” ledger
Aug 15 Report: Ukraine’s Pro-Russian party earmarked millions in cash for Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort

…quickly leading to Paul Manafort‘s resignation as chairman of the Trump campaign on August 19, 2016…

Aug 19, 2016 Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort quits
Aug 19 Feds investigating Manafort firm as part of Ukraine probe

…then almost exactly 2 years later, Judgment Day (along with Michael Cohen whose last name means “priest”):

Aug 21, 2018 Manafort found guilty of 8 fraud charges

Next up is his second trial scheduled to begin on September 17th in the District of Columbia where he will face additional charges including failing to register as a foreign agent lobbying on behalf of Ukraine‘s pro-Russian factions.

Ukraine’s capital is Kiev… right there on the same geo-alignment!

Aug 24, 2016 Italy earthquake: Death toll rises to at least 159

Big earthquakes striking near Rome right after the Rio Olympics was another big sign we were on the right track with our interpretation.

*    *    *

The geo-alignment coincidences are, for lack of a better word, “prophetic”, strongly implying the following:

  • The Russian involvement/interference in the 2016 US presidential election is a “Deep Impact” unfolding in slow motion
  • Donald Trump’s presidential “house of cards” (Trump Tower) will inevitably crumble
  • Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation – a very rare thing for a pope to do – likely foreshadowed the same or similar fate for Trump’s Russia-driven presidency

Even if the Trump presidency somehow survives the crisis, the “prophecy” has already been fulfilled to a large degree as no one can deny at this point the immense impact the whole Trump-Russia problem has had on reality. It’s been surreal.

Now you have to understand, very little of what’s discussed in this article is based on hindsight. Most of it was originally a product of foresight – things considered ahead of time. The geo-alignment was discerned and extensively discussed back in 2013 (on my old website), why we were closely monitoring the period around the Rio Olympics (~August 2016) for a “Deep Impact” echo. As soon as the Russian cyber warfare and possible collusion issues surfaced in the news, we immediately knew what it was – a deadly serious Deep Impact situation. We went “ah ha! there it is!” and could only infer the above scenario for Trump’s future. We’ve maintained that position ever since (this article is a summary of what we’ve been saying all along), and here we are, seeing “Trump Tower” starting to crumble before our eyes.