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Super Torch Ritual

Eclipse, World Cup & America

Tomorrow, two days before Independence Day, a total solar eclipse will glide across (South) America

…accompanied by Venus becoming Orion’s “torch”…

…heavily resonating with the Statue of Liberty.

Which is a gift from France, currently hosting the women’s World Cup where the United States will face England tomorrow in a semifinal game…

…coinciding with the eclipse and the anniversary of the legal separation of the Thirteen Colonies from Great Britain in 1776 (two days before the actual declaration of independence).

The (re)birth of a nation already highlighted by the last total solar eclipse back in 2017…

…with a remarkable “as above, so below” design that can be accurate to the minute in terms of synchronization timing.

Take for example the fact that the US vs England game will kick off at 3 pm EDT (19:00 UT) on July 2nd, precisely during the American solar eclipse. Not just the same day, but literally at the same time!

19:00 UT: Start of US vs England World Cup semifinal
~19:30 UT: Peak of solar eclipse (over Pacific Ocean)
~20:39-44 UT: Eclipse totality over South America
~20:45-50 UT: End of US vs England World Cup

Picture this: A total solar eclipse darkens the skies over (South) America, making visible the torch of Lady Liberty (Venus/Orion) right next to it, immediately followed by the United States defeating England in France.

That’s an incredible sequence and a powerful sign. (If England wins, the symbolism would get inverted.) Setting the stage for what’s to come this summer and beyond, including one potentially just days away…

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There it is… a remarkable sequence: