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Mayan Sirius Trigger (Sept 2020)

A political deep impact…

…of Justice Ginsburg passing away yesterday (Sept 18) capped off a remarkable series of events encompassing a window we were watching closely anchored by a “Sirius Trigger” in the form of New Year’s Day (“2013”) arriving on September 11 in Ethiopia on the heels of their Mayan “end” date “12/21/2012” in late August. (Their calendar is ~8 years behind ours.)

Aug 25 2012 in 2020 (literally)
Sep 09 9/11

In Ginsburg’s case, the timing got shifted slightly to the nearby Jewish New Year’s Day “Rosh Hashanah” from September 18-20 (h/t reader Damian), perfectly resonating with the fact that Ginsburg was Jewish. In other words, a uniquely Jewish Supreme Court Justice died right at the start of the Jewish New Year’s Day.

It was a “Sirius Triggered” event…

…preceded by a remarkable series of events overlapping not just September 11 but also a 9/11-3/11 “great flood” equidistant point all the way from 2001 and 2011…

…and what we’ve always called since 2004 an “Orange Alignment” (Mercury-Sun-Venus) forming also on September 7.

Hence the apocalyptic orange skies over California precisely around that time, setting the tone for the looming window.

Then on September 14th came the stunning news of potential signs of life detected in the clouds of Venus. Not ancient life but current life. Definitely a big deal and if confirmed it would be one of the biggest moments in human history – the moment of discovering extraterrestrial life outside of our planet. That’s exactly what happened on September 14, 2020.

And of cause it had to be Venus in 2020. The orbit of Venus is known to draw a near-perfect pentagram over almost exactly 8 years (via interaction with Earth orbit), thus underscoring the significance of the Ethiopian calendar running 8 years behind ours and the whole Mayan 2012 “end of time” theme in 2020 which we’ve been highlighting for many months now. (Our 8/27/2020 = their 12/21/2012.)

Another key thing about Venus is that its surface is the closest thing we have in reality to “hell” or “inferno“…

…resonating with the orange “infernos” raging on the west coast at the same time. These events interact with each other to send a collective, ominous “message”…

The end is the beginning and the beginning is the end.

The very next day (Sept 15) came the NASA/NOAA announcement of the start of the Sun’s new sunspot cycle – “Cycle 25” – something of a solar “New Year’s Day”.

Sep 15, 2020 Solar Cycle 25 Is Here – NASA, NOAA Scientists
Sep 15 The sun has begun a new solar weather cycle

The announcement declared “solar minimum” arriving in December 2019, the point marking the end of the previous cycle, “Cycle 24”, and the start of the new cycle, “Cycle 25”. December was also exactly when the coronavirus outbreak started in China, triggering the whole viral “great flood” known as Covid-19. In fact, it was right on New Year’s Eve/Day – our original “Sirius Trigger” window at the beginning of 2020 – that the virus outbreak was first officially acknowledged per the official timeline.

Note that we have a “solar birth” theme going here with the emergence of the coronavirus and the birth of a new solar cycle. Remember, “corona” astronomically refers to the atmosphere around the Sun which becomes visible during a total eclipse. (This also pertains to what’s looming in December but we won’t go into that here.)

“Corona” also literally means “crown”… which Ginsburg apparently wears.

The very next day (Sep 16) came yet another “solar birth”, in the form of a new leader rising in the “Land of the Rising Sun” (Japan)…

Sep 14 Yoshihide Suga picked to succeed Abe
Sep 16 Yoshihide Suga officially named as Japan’s new PM

…coinciding with Hurricane Sally’s landfall…

Sep 16 Landfall: Sally bringing “historic & catastrophic” flooding

…bringing a (literal) “great flood” to the US Gulf Coast, fulfilling the archetypal storyline underlying the Sirius Trigger which goes back to the ancient Egypt New Year’s Day and the heliacal rising of Sirius “triggering” the Nile inundation. And 2020 is a special Sirian/flood year…

It was out of this deluge that Ginsburg’s political earthquake befell the United States…

…opening the floodgate of American Judgment Day aka election day… from hell.

It’s… not gonna be pretty. Good luck everyone. (Emergency food & water preparation recommended.)

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