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Super Torch Ritual

Earthquake Machine

Yes, an "earthquake machine"...

The magic of inter-contextual coherence is that you get glimpses of the future. Not prophetic per se but at least knowing where to look. It’s about focus management. Unless you are an A.I., there is no way to keep track of all the countless events and variables and patterns unfolding in reality at any given time. So normally people just go with the flow and focus on the mundane, what’s on the surface, the everyday stuff. Or, you could decide to focus on something different, and (usually) go with the typical conspiratorial worldview. That’s a step forward, but still just another fixed focus, if you’re not willing to take further steps. Just another tunnel vision. Your perception and thinking are both enabled and limited by your focus. As they say, “you create (limit) your own reality” that way. You get stuck in time.

Most people just don’t realize they are skipping the first major step in the art of perceiving and thinking: Figuring out where to focus your attention. These days by and large people are either just focused on the “mainstream” things or the (typical) “conspiracy” things. Both equally limited. Most people don’t think/like to or can’t step back and start from scratch without any preexisting mind framework. If what we do here on Super Torch Ritual seems weird, it’s largely because the starting point for the mind – perceiving and thinking – is different.

Here on STR we don’t presume to know what we should focus our mind on at the outset. In fact, we essentially specialize in the process of figuring that out. And we employ multicontextual perception and inter-contextual coherence to accomplish that. Reality is like (or just is) a game with embedded clues and “Easter eggs” to guide you forward, toward truth. You can decide to pay attention to them or ignore them. Most ignore them. We don’t. And that’s how we get our unique foresight. By figuring out what to focus our mind on and discerning patterns going backward and forward. Do that right, and you can leap ahead.

Sometimes we just have to notice what’s staring us in the face. It seems unlikely we’ll see the pattern fade without a highly significant seismic...


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