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Dragon Sequence – March 2024

One moth later…

Following a remarkable series of “dragon sightings” in February (some updates included below), March is shaping up to be another month overflowing with a nonstop stream of dragon appearances, opening with a bang with Dune: Part Two (trailer) arriving in theaters on March 1st…

…heavily featuring “sandworms” which are…

…quite literally dragons as “worm” (wyrm) in old English happens to be a word used for dragons. Besides, the Dune sandworms were inspired by mythical dragons according to the author of the original story.

This means the biggest movie event of 2024 is something of a giant dragon being unleashed right in front of our eyes, less than one month into the Chinese Year of the Dragon. Surprised?

No coincidence, then, that the following day (~March 2) will likely see SpaceX/NASA launching their Crew-8 “Dragon” spacecraft to the ISS.

Another dragon unleashed out of the earth/abyss.

A week later, another dragon will emerge via “Damsel” (March 8, trailer), a Netflix film starring Stranger Things‘ Millie Bobby Brown as a dragon princess.

Then two days later (March 10) comes the reappearance of the “Japanese dragon” Godzilla, popping up at the Oscars where “Godzilla Minus One” will be competing in the “Best Visual Effects” category.

11 days after that, we’ll have “3 Body Problem” arriving on Netflix (March 21, trailer)…

…which is an epic sci-fi series from the “creators of Game of Thrones” famously filled with dragons and royal houses. (The prequel is called “House of the Dragon”.)

“3 Body Problem” also involves “VR goggles” as a key component in the story, suspiciously timely as Apple just released their “Vision Pro” VR goggle…

…accompanied by a “Guided Tour” video

…featuring yet another Godzilla, this time from “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters“…

…continuing the royal theme of “Damsel” (princess + dragon), “Game of Thrones”, etc. and collectively connecting back to this “royal dragon” signal from early February…

…i.e. the sudden cancer diagnosis announcement by King Charles who was formerly Prince of Wales, in effect a red dragon based on the Wales flag. And should he pass away, the next king will be William, the current Prince of Wales.

Subsequently there will be aWorm Moon” i.e. the full moon of March (also a lunar eclipse this year) on March 25th…

…implying “Dragon Moon” per the worm-dragon equation noted earlier.

Then 4 days after that we will witness another Godzilla, this time in “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” opening in theaters on March 29th.

All this, all in the month of March.

It’s non-stop, spreading like a wildfire or a “dragon contagion” much like the “capstone contagion” which we’ve been tracking for more than a year now here on STR.

It’s radioactive, seismic, A.I. and… well, we won’t go into the apocalyptic “Wormwood” implications here.

+ – + – +

UPDATE – Super Bowl Dragons

As expected, there were notable dragon sightings around the Super Bowl event back on February 11th or the day after the first day of the Chinese Year of the Dragon.

Feb 10: Chinese Year of the Dragon
Feb 11: Super Bowl

[Mountain Dew commercial]

[Microsoft A.I. Copilot commercial]

In multiple Super Bowl commercials, just right there in your face. The halftime show itself, however, was more subtle/coded.

Alicia Keys as a guest performer joined Usher on stage in the stadium and stood out quite a bit in her vivid red dress…

…doing her best “Scarlet Woman” imitation (not consciously of course). It’s a familiar theme stemming from last year’s halftime show starring Rihanna, if you recall.

Alicia Keys is literally from “hell” – she was born in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan…

…not far from Manhattan’s “Hell Gate“.

In case you don’t know, “Scarlet Woman” is another name for the Whore of Babylon in the Book of Revelation who in turn is more or less interchangeable with the Beast(s) and the Dragon rising up from the dark abyss, which she rides…

1 AND there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters […]

3 So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.

– Revelation 17:1-3

…just like they do also in Dune with the sandworms (dragons).

Starting to get a sense of where we are in 2024?

+ – + – +

After March, the Great American Eclipse will arrive on April 8th…

…unleashing some dark things.

Stay tuned.

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[Hat tip to members SamW, NyxVisions, et al for highlighting some key facts.]