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Super Torch Ritual

Dragon Sequence

A quick note on one particular multicontextual theme currently active in reality:

The Super Bowl on Feb 11

…will be the day after the Chinese New Year of the Dragon on Feb 10

…immediately preceded by a “space dragon” – SpaceX’s Ax-3 Dragon capsule – falling to Earth on February 9.


UPDATE: The SpaceX Dragon successfully splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean this morning at about 8:30 am EST (1330 GMT)…

Feb 09 SpaceX Dragon carrying Ax-3 astronauts splashes down in Atlantic

…eerily coinciding – only 15 minutes earlier – with an X-class solar flare (the most powerful kind) erupted on the Sun for the first time in 2024…

Feb 09 Massive X-class solar flare explode from Sun on Feb. 9

…producing a nice “as above, so below” & “X marks the spot” configuration (Spaceand X flare), implying the solar eruption represents the impact of the dragon landing on Earth. [End Update]

Just a few days before this on February 5, King Charles III’s cancer diagnosis was announced to the world, who…

…until 2022 was the Prince of Wales where the flag (of Wales) has traditionally been a red dragon.

Cancer evolves death, and should King Charles III pass away from his cancer, the next king will be his eldest child and the current Prince of Wales, William.

It will also be a red dragon on the official patch of the NASA/SpaceX Crew-8 Dragon mission coming up on February 22

…and it was also a “red dragon” in the from of a Russian dragon, “Drago” (meaning “Dragon”) that killed Apollo Creed in Rocky IV

…a character played by Carl Weathers who just died in real life on February 1.

So on and so forth.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, a subset of a huge seismic/nuclear pattern.