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Super Torch Ritual

December inferno – first phase

December is off to a hell of a start…

…just as anticipated here on STR:

Nov 11 December possibilities [premium]

The big question, again, is: How will the Stargate/Hellgate open in December? How this storyline will be expressed via world events is the key thing to watch in/around December. […]

Nov 26 The Bali Stargate Signal [public]

It should be getting clearer to you at this point that the pattern we’ve identified is very real and continuing forward with the primary underlying theme of the Stargate/Hell gate opening […] now realistically ominous month of December…

Nov 18 Zep Tepi Part 5: Hall of Records… [premium]

And just a few weeks from now we’ll have a double celestial alignment involving both the Golden Apple/orange and Atlas around December 9th. […]

Clearly a significant window when, we can now speculate, the “hell gate” will open for additional “messages” and/or impact events. […]

Nov 30 Russian impact [public]

I’ve been staying away from political/Trump topics of late in part because of their unbearable toxicity (not good for mental health) and in part because of the fact that I’ve already stated repeatedly what I thought would be the likely eventuality based on multicontextual clues. From the very beginning (summer 2016) my interpretation has been that the whole Trump/Russia situation is very serious, a Deep Impact event unfolding in slow motion, and that it wouldn’t go away like many thought/wished but instead intensify… until the big finale, which would be the collapse of the house of cards (Trump tower). Here I just wanted to add (more publicly) that for sometime now I’ve been viewing December 2017 as a window looking directly relevant to that big finale (though not necessarily the finale itself). So that’s one of the things to watch for in the multicontextually ominous month of December.

Oct 10 Galactic Deep Impact (Vegas) – PART 2 [premium]

So it may well be that we are looking at a December to remember coming up in a few months. […]

Nov 08 December to Remember [premium]

For many months now we’ve been seeing a steady stream of multicontextual arrows pointing to December 2017. […]

We will also have an Orange/Golden Apple Alignment (Mercury-Sun-Venus) on December 9th this year – implying chaos. […]

Nov 08 Looming December [public]

As I had been saying, we had to go through the Halloween window first before getting to December now ominously looming on the horizon. […]

We are now going through the first phase of December anchored by the Orange/Golden Alignment + Earth at ATLAS around December 9. Then the next phase in mid December, Saturnalia, the solstice… The “gates of hell” will stay open.