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Super Torch Ritual

Death of Lois Lane – what it means

Actress Margot Kidder best known for playing Superman‘s love interest “Lois Lane” passed away today.

May 14 Margot Kidder, Who Played Lois Lane In ‘Superman,’ Dead At 69

This is not just sad news. This is jaw-dropping confirmation. We had just highlighted her in our article Disclosure: Genesis of Forbidden DNA published on May 5th stating:

In this way the two late-April windows both alluded to Lois Lane back to back. What are the odds? And why the sudden focus on Lois Lane? We’ll get to that soon. […]

And the alien-human interbreeding is signified by Superman’s romantic interaction with… Lois Lane. This, we can now confidently theorize, is why Lois Lane was highlighted in April. [red emphasis added]

What happened is that we were on the lookout for major multicontextual clues in late April based on “Syrian phoenix timecode” and what we ended up getting was Lois Lane with an underlying message touching on the nature of “Disclosure” and the “Genesis of Forbidden DNA” which we won’t go into here. With the death of “Lois Lane” today we are more certain that we are indeed on the right track with our interpretations (and that we were, per usual, ahead of the curve).

Superman” has been a mega theme for us since mid March…

Mar 19 Warning (premium)
Mar 20 Target Zero (premium)
Mar 21 The Superman Stargate (public)

…and in The Superman Stargate we noted that it interacts with another major theme we’ve been tracking since last year, that of the Big One/Ring of Fire/San Andreas.

The “Big Onekills Lois Lane.

Death of Lois Lane… California mega quake. You could call that an omen.

Overcome with grief, Superman reverses the rotation of the Earth to turn back time.

This ominously relates to something we’ve been discussing quite a lot since December (on the premium side), once again involving mega earthquakes…

Nov 18 Upsurge in big earthquakes predicted for 2018 as Earth rotation slows

Something big is happening in 2018…

Dec 16, 2017 The Pentagon’s Mysterious UFO Program revealed
Dec 16 The Pentagon’s Secret Search for UFOs
Dec 19 Former Pentagon UFO official: ‘We may not be alone’

And Superman, as we’ve been demonstrating since March, happens to be one of the big pieces of the puzzle.