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Super Torch Ritual


Well, I for one think this is awesome. This Moon loop mission will be for ALL of us still dreaming. SpaceX just announced it will send several ARTISTS from around the world to the Moon in 2023!

Check out the project #dearMoon by Yusaku Maezawa who bravely chooses to go on┬áthe first BFR trip around the Moon with several artists so they can express the unique cosmic experience through their works and help us feel some of what they feel and “inspire the dreamer within all of us”. Guys, this is going to be epic, one of those truly rare moments in life and history.

This is going to be a very human mission, a mission for humanity, that will be mankind’s real first step toward becoming a multi-planetary species. This is all about INSPIRATION and POSITIVE FUTURE – exactly what we need now when seemingly everything around us has turned beyond toxic. This may well be the beginning of the BIFURCATION event as the dawning New World in space could end up separating inspired, dreaming humans from toxic humans (who are all about “winning”, hating, self interest over truth, etc.) who should be left alone and behind so they can keep enjoying playing in the mud which is what they want in life. We are – well, some of us are – ready to move forward toward a realm of expanded possibilities where we can dream more freely and stay closer to our heart.

Are you ready?


From the September 17, 2018 SpaceX event:
Video: Elon getting emotional talking about Yusaku’s contribution
Video: Yusaku describing his passion for his #dearMoon project
Video: Yusaku Maezawa introducing himself to the world at SpaceX
Video: Elon Musk describing lunar BFR mission (beginning of event)

My own deep interest in Musk since 2012:
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