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New Space, New World

“Well duh” might be a typical reaction to this today, but it wasn’t so obvious back in 2012. The general public by and large didn’t know Elon Musk existed, let alone know he would transform the world. How quickly things can change in just several years. I was one of those who were watching closely and could see what was happening, what was coming, and did not hesitate to declare the following (June 2012):

Just 40 years old and Musk has already built three successful, groundbreaking companies […]

You heard it here first. He is important, for the human race, for its future. For he will indeed most likely help mankind reach the Red Planet – the land of Apha & Omega… the Land of the Lost. One of the biggest moments in history. He has “destiny” written all over him.

Repeating in October 2012:

From what I’ve seen, destiny is written all over him […] I think Elon Musk is the guy. He’s the point man for mankind’s Martian endeavour.

The fact that many people would go “duh” in 2017 proves Musk has excelled in fulfilling his “destiny” so far and that Mars is indeed emerging through the birth canal to become the next New World.

“Fundamentally the future is vastly more exciting and interesting if we’re a space-faring civilization and multiplanetary species than if we’re not. You wanna be inspired by things, you wanna wake up in the morning and think the future is gonna be great. And that’s what being a space-faring civilization is all about. It’s about believing in the future and thinking that the future will be better than the past. And I can’t think of anything more exciting than going out there and being among the stars.” – Elon Musk at 2017 IAC (September 28)

Musk, unlike those who understandably argue “why go to space when we need to clean up the mess right here on earth!”, understands that inspiration and dreaming about the future are an essential ingredient in maintaining a healthy civilization. There is the past, there is the present, and there is the future. All three are equally important. Any one of them lacking and there would be imbalance and discord that would cripple any society.

For a few centuries now America more than any other places on earth has represented the dreaming mind, the future and opportunities. The New World has done an admirable job being the avant-garde dreamer, keeping the flame burning on this planet. All good things have to come to an end, however, as the nature of time dictates the new cannot stay new and inevitably there comes a time when the torch has to be passed on to the next New World.

We’ve reached that point in the 21st century. And Mars is the primary next New World rising on the horizon.

This is the Big One. One that ends history – if not time – itself. This is destiny and it’s written in stone in the form of “Time Rivers“. A set of literal “rivers of time” (discovered and decoded by yours truly), they clearly show the end of history marked by Mars in the 21st century.

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So what’s unfolding right now before our eyes is something each and every generation of mankind wondered and obsessed about – the end of the world. The end that is also the beginning. Unplugging from the Matrix. A dimensional shift. A new big bang. It’s all that.

Countless generations before us, but we somehow get to be the ones to actually live through it. We get to be Noahs and Columbuses.

It’s set to unfold on many levels and in many dimensions. But the main stage will be Mars… And Elon Musk yesterday at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) showed us how it will begin:

Sep 29 Everything Musk revealed about its updated plan to reach Mars by 2022
Sep 29 Musk Wants Giant SpaceX Spaceship to Fly People to Mars by 2024
Sep 29 Musk proposes using SpaceX’s ‘BFR’ to travel around Earth

If everything goes according to plan (unlikely) the first SpaceX cargo ships will arrive on Mars in 2022. Only 5 years away from now. It will be followed up by a crewed mission 2 years later. Meaning the first human (in known history) could set foot on the Red Planet as early as 2024. One step for a man… that changes everything.

Realistically it will be more like 2026 and 2028 but let’s see if Musk can pull off a miracle.

SpaceX plans to use their Interplanetary Transport System (ITS) or BFR (“Big Fucking Rocket”) to go to the Moon as well and establish a base there in the near future.

  ITS will also operate around the Earth…

…even carrying people from Earth to Earth like an airliner company! Anywhere on the planet under one hour.

The future is upon us. The next New World is coming out of the incubator.

It’s not just SpaceX. Other companies like Lockheed Martin has their eyes set on Mars as well. Their Mars Base Camp (MBC) architecture and operation plans envision a crewed space station in orbit around the Red Planet that would support long-term exploration there.

Sep 28 Lockheed Martin’s Mars Base Camp would stage Mars surface missions
Sep 28 Lockheed Martin’s Red Planet Plan in Pictures

It’s the realm of “After Earth” (A.E.). And we stared crossing this momentous Threshold back in 2012. The Mayan calendar ended up highly accurate in this regard.

It was in the year 2012 that “New Space” (private space companies) spearheaded by SpaceX emerged as a real force to be reckoned with.

May 22, 2012 Historic launch of SpaceX rocket heralds new era
May 22 SpaceX Launches Private Capsule on Historic Trip to ISS
May 25 New Spaceflight Era Begins with Private Capsule at ISS

Oct 07, 2012 SpaceX Launches 1st Private ISS Cargo Mission

This was underscored by the simultaneous and highly ritualistic exit of the space shuttle fleet, “Old Space”, bowing out and getting carried off to their final resting place.

The final space shuttle mission itself was a bit earlier in July 2011. The final shuttle to fly was Atlantis. And it just so happens that in the movie 2012 (released in 2009) a fictional book written by the main character is about space shuttle Atlantis and is titled “Farewell Atlantis” which is a fairly significant component of the story.


All this is not some hindsight babble. I was already writing back in 2012 for example:

It’s been a huge meme (though not as intense in recent months) that 2012 is destined to be a year of big things, big shifts, end of the world, and/or birth of a new age. All kinds of speculations and hype… And yet, when “it” actually happens, few seem to recognize it. It’s happening right in front of us, and it doesn’t click for most. Such is the power of preconceptions. What we see is limited or enhanced by our expectations. So the less assumptions we make, the more we’ll be able to “see”. We can take it one step further using “multicontextual coherence” which helps us properly adjust our focus in advance so our “radar” can quickly detect signs of a future manifestation, patterns taking on physical forms. It gives us a firm enough perceptual and logical framework for the process of “reverse-engineering” the future.

For us, this multicontextual “foundation” for the year 2012 and beyond has been the intertwined triple-headed theme of Royal/Martian pregnancy/birth(quake). […] This has allowed us to readily discern the momentous implications of the advent of commercial spaceflight, quietly erupting like a volcano, in 2012… particularly via SpaceX. […]

The central role played by SpaceX serves to reiterate the Martian nature of this history-making process. SpaceX, after all, was founded by Elon Musk to send humans to Mars (and go there himself) ultimately. We are talking about the beginning of the first space colony in history. This is a huge deal, one of the biggest moments for mankind, so much so our timeline (time river) itself bifurcates right here in the 21st century. One terrestrial, and another extraterrestrial (Mars and such). Seeds starting to spread like those of a dandelion on a windy day. Once out, no turning back. History went from B.C. to A.D., and now we are going through another “time gate”… to, let’s call it, A.E., “After Earth”.

In another 2012 article I touched on a bigger picture:

I’d say it’s ultimately about who we are – where we came from and where we are going. It’s about time: our Genesis and our Destiny. It’s in the fire of Prometheus, the apple of Eve, the Holy Grail, the heavenly seed of the Anunnaki… and Mars.

All through life and history we’ve been sailing aimlessly through the river of time, and time is a condition that separates the present from the past and future. Limited awareness. We are here and we don’t know why. Sometimes we think we can almost feel the secrets, the truth, hidden away in the “Hall of Records” be it in our DNA, Egypt, Mars… but always just out of our grasp. To “time travel” is to access the hidden side of reality, history, or destiny to find out who we really are. We aren’t there yet, but from a multicontextual “big picture” perspective, escaping Earth’s gravity represents or reflects a major first step. Multicontextually speaking, the closer we get to Mars and the more we learn about its history (including life), the closer we get to the edge of time, to hyperspace. […]

The 21st century is the designated end of the road where we have to “jump” out of time and become Prometheus ourselves.

We are all pregnant…with truth. Destiny calls. The baby is coming soon. […] Part of the process of “waking up”.

Crossing the ultimate Threshold will be quite a ride. Put your seat belt on and be prepared to have your mind blown.


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