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Days of fire

The massive drone attack on the Saudi oil facility took place on September 14…

…coinciding with the feast of the Cross aka “Holy Cross Day” resonating with Santa Cruz (= “Holy Cross”) Island where a deadly boat fire killed 34 people back on September 2nd during Hurricane Dorian’s deadly 3-day long assault on the northern Bahamas September 1-3. (See “Dorian’s Atlantean Portal” for more on their symbolism.)

September 14 also happens to be a temporal anchor for (Christian) ember days – “ember” meaning “to burn” etc. – which are the Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of the week following Sept 14, this year falling on September 18, 20 and 21.

As noted previously, ~September 18 is equidistant from 9/11 (2001) the 7/7 (2005) London bombings and the end of the 2012 London Olympics (Aug 12) featuring the rise of the phoenix from the Olympic flame. (The Sun will enter Virgo on the same day.) [UPDATE: Similarly September 21 is equidistant from the NASA Deep Impact asteroid event (7/4/2005).]

Plus we had highlighted ember days in “Alpha & Omega” (premium) in connection with the early September window (Dorian/Bahamas) based on a certain “monolith” in the desert and a certain star, pointing to certain future dates coming up (in addition to ember days) which are looking more and more grim. What will happen this week should prove meaningful in this context.

[Continued in Part 2]

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