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Cydonian Firestorm & Imminent Birth

And there it is: The largest wildfire ever recorded in California’s history. Unbeknownst to most, this represents a cosmic fire ignited by Mars…

Aug 06 Mendocino Complex fire grows to become largest wildfire in California history

A wildfire burning through Northern California became the state’s largest on record on Monday, scorching more than 283,000 acres, officials said.

The Mendocino Complex blaze — a conglomerate of two separate fires burning through rural Lake, Colusa and Mendocino counties — overtook last year’s Thomas Fire, which scorched more than 1,000 buildings and killed two people across 440 square miles in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

Check out its birthday:

The fire began on July 27 and was spurred on Monday by an ominous high-pressure system that brought hotter, drier and windier weather to the area…

It means this is the “Martian Storm” we talked about – or predicted (not for the first time) – in our July 10 article Martian Storm 2018

…all about Mars reaching “opposition” on July 27 (i.e. Sun-Earth-Mars alignment) accompanied by the century’s longest “Blood Moon” lunar eclipse…

Jul 27 Century’s longest “Blood Moon” eclipse, biggest Mars in 15 years pairing up for astronomical spectacle

…immediately followed on July 31 by the Red Planet’s closest approach since 2003 which in turn was the closest encounter in 60,000 years.

July 31 Mars Makes Closest Approach to Earth Since 2003

[Note: Mars’ elliptical orbit is the reason for the opposition date and the closest-point date not matching exactly.]

In other words a classic “as above, so below” situation with traditionally fiery Mars igniting a red hot fire storm here on Earth. (Mars is literally called “fire planet” in places like Japan.) But that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Elon Musk got sucked into the Martian vortex in July which could not be more telling in terms of symbolism. Musk, if you recall, is someone we highlighted quite a bit in Martian Storm 2018:

Mars represents – and literally isthe next New World. It’s where the action will be in the 21st century… the final century. This upcoming opposition is the closest we’ll get to the New World before the first human sets foot on Mars, likely around late 2020s, likely by Elon Musk/SpaceX assisted by NASA. Musk has a plan to revive the dead planet like the phoenix.

He was “opposed” big time in July. “Mars opposition”… “opposition to Mars”… “going against Mars/Elon Musk”. Exactly what we saw in July as Musk suddenly faced a deluge of bad press which was both inexplicable and unfair.

Instead of SpaceX (the ultimate goal of which is to go to Mars), the media went after Elon’s car company Tesla which unbeknownst to most was part of the same “as above, so below” design in that the Tesla Roadster Musk playfully launched into space on Falcon Heavy back in February was crossing the orbit of Mars in July (on the 12th) precisely when all of this was happening.

Feb 06 Falcon Heavy rocket launches & lands successfully
Feb 06 SpaceX’s Mars-bound Tesla’s out-of-this-world view

Plus the main California wildfire in late July was called the “Carr fire“, started by a car.

Jul 28 Carr Fire destroys at least 500 structures in California
Jul 31 Carr Fire is so hot it’s creating its own weather system

Elon Musk also resonates with what appears to be the core “message” underlying the “Martian Storm” window and it involves his name…

  • First Name: Elon, meaning “oak”, anagram of “Leon” meaning “lion
  • Last name: Musk, meaningman” (younger/son)

“Elon Musk” means/implies “Lion-man“, making him a sphinx figure…

Plus, “Musk” means more specifically “younger (man)” and the lion traditionally signifies royalty, hence evoking “prince” which in turn resonates with Regulus (meaning “prince”), the heart of the celestial sphinx, Leo. That’s where last year’s “Great American Total Solar Eclipse” took place.

The Great Sphinx was more or less identified with Mars in ancient Egypt and on Mars we have a coded Great Sphinx known as the “Face on Mars” in a region called Cydonia.

While many are under the impression that NASA’s more recent, sharper images of the “Face” have effectively debunked the theory, that is not necessarily the case. If anything, the newer photographs have revealed what it actually might be, something more intriguing – a reversed and pregnant Great Sphinx, or ancient Egyptian goddess called Sekhmet. Like this:

Geometry supports such a connection. As noted by original Cydonia researchers Richard Hoagland et al, for example, the latitude of the “Face” and the latitude of the Great Sphinx interact coherently via trigonometry…

Latitude of Great Sphinx = ~30°N
Latitude of Face on Mars = ~40.8°N

The sine of ~30° equals the tangent of ~40.8°.

cos (30.0) = tan (40.893)

The latitude is important indeed…

The Cydonia “monuments” (there are more than just the “Face”) are centered around latitude ~40.6°N and largely within 40.4°N-40.8°N...

…almost perfectly matching the latitude of the Carr Fire in California!

[The Carr Fire’s origin/central latitude is 40.65°N, matching Cydonia monument’s central latitude]

Mere coincidence? Not likely if you consider the following…

Cydonia” among other things was a surname of the ancient Greek goddess Athena, for whom Greece’s capital city Athens was named. (Wikipedia: “In a temple at Phrixa in Elis, reportedly built by Clymenus, [Athena] was known as Cydonia [Κυδωνία].”)

And Greece just had its own devastating wildfires – the second-deadliest worldwide since 2001 – which killed more than 90 people in the coastal areas of Attica near Athens. (Attica is an administrative region encompassing the entire metropolitan area of Athens.) The fire started on July 23rd, the exact day California’s Carr Fire started!

Jul 24 Wildfires kill dozens in Greece
Jul 25 Search continues after at least 80 killed in Greece wildfires
Jul 29 Death toll from fires in Greece climbs to 91

These were “Cydonian Fires“. “Martian Storm” indeed.

There was another big “coincidence” around the same time: A big Mars discovery announcement on July 25

Jul 25 Liquid water ‘lake’ discovered on Mars

…exactly 42 years to the day after the first image of the Face on Mars was taken by Viking 1 (July 25, 1976). It’s the famous picture of the Face (035A72) most people are familiar with.

Water inside Mars… Water inside the Face… Water inside the Martian sphinx or Sekhmet, the alter ego of Hathor who was traditionally associated with imminent birth i.e. “water breaking“…

A Martian baby… Life on Mars…

Is it in there?

Time to look inside the core…

[InSight website]

Arriving on Mars in November…

InSight – “Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport” – launched from (where else?) California back in May will be looking for Martian “Birthquakes” starting this winter…

The seed is in the womb. Which means certain events are coming soon…

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