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Super Torch Ritual


An intriguing theme emerging in the current chaos: Coronavirus, British crown (= “corona” in Latin) i.e. House of Windsor (per our decoding of winds-or => solar wind => astronomical corona), and a plane crash in Corona, California… Small plane, big signal:

“7-25”, the date of the infamous Ukrainian phone call at the center of the impeachment, echoing the runway numbers of an Ethiopian airport we just highlighted in “Janus Effect“.

Just a quick note for now. (Hat tip to reader Ozz et al.)

Event/news timeline:
Jan 18 Megxit: Harry & Meghan drop royal titles
Jan 21 Impeachment trial begins in Senate
Jan 21 Prince Harry arrives in Canada and begins new life
Jan 22 Four killed in fiery plane crash at Corona airport
Jan 22 China trying to contain viral outbreak
Jan 23 Chinese cities on lockdown, travel disrupted amid coronavirus outbreak

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