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Super Torch Ritual

“Contact countdown” update #7

So this is the stuff only STR members would fully understand. “Contact” is not for everybody, it’s for those who are able to “get it”. We are, after all, talking about contact with higher intelligence. If you’re one of those who have been sucked into the current political cesspool (particularly in the US) and no longer capable of rational thinking with logic, fairness, balance, integrity, and empathy, then you definitely will not “get it”. You’re not supposed to, by design. What gardener would want to ruin their garden with toxic weeds?

Contact is made available but not force-fed. It’s whispered quietly so those who would actively listen with the right mindset would hear it. Enki whispering through the wall. Noah hearing the information. That’s how it’s always done.

Things are happening. Certain things following certain patterns... that cannot be separated from our destiny…

In the end, it...


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