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Super Torch Ritual

Contact Coordinates – PART 2

For all intents and purposes, this was Contact. Subtle yet powerful and operating on so many levels.

Not Contact by landing on the front lawn of the White House which would be mind-numbingly dumb. Humans might do something like that. Not intelligent entities. Beings of higher intelligence are by definition highly intelligent and would communicate in a sophisticated, cryptic, and non-intrusive way. That would be only natural and what we should expect. Think... "Monoliths".

It's almost a given that Contact is not for everyone. Not everyone is meant to hear the whispers. If you cannot hear it, then you are not supposed to hear it. And only we ourselves can block ourselves from hearing it, with ego and distractions and everything else that is in what we call life.

Super Torch Ritual, 20 years after the...


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