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Super Torch Ritual

Brand new website! “STR” beta testing has begun…

You are looking at a brand new website! For now everything is in beta and requires a bit more testing before it goes live fully. Once ready I will make an official announcement. If you are an existing member, STRUG (Super Torch Ritual Underground) is still HERE which remains the main site for now. If you want to become a STRUG member, please go HERE. Soon enough all STRUG members will migrate here. It won’t be called “STRUG” but simply “STR”. For the time being STRUG and STR will co-exist side by side, sharing the same membership, until STRUG is phased out completely. (STRUG members cannot log in to STR yet.)

The public website Etemenanki will also soon retire and all public content will be shared here on STR along with the members-only premium content, all under the same roof. Everything will be streamlined and modernized. This is a whole new beginning – exciting!

  • STR has a fully responsive design, looking good on a desktop/laptop, tablet, & phone
  • STR will have comment boards, allowing more interaction
  • STR will keep expanding – this is only the beginning of a whole new phase

Stay tuned for updates!