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Super Torch Ritual Underground, or STRUG for short, is a members-only blog site by Goro for those ready for the "next level" beyond Etemenanki where information travels "faster than reality". It's where we delve deeper into multicontextual issues covered and not covered on the public site (Etemenanki) and decode synchronistic signals in reality in real time as events unfold around us. Through multicontextual perspective and decoding we also interact heavily and constantly with the future on STRUG, which can and does regularly manifest as anticipating future events or patterns. Your STRUG subscription will also help keep the whole thing afloat financially which is quite challenging doing this kind of unique work.

If you're into hacking reality and figuring out what's coming, this is the right place for you. Wanna take a ride?

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First, you're THAT "Goro?" Fascinating .... :) I've been a (distant) fan of your[s] ... for years. - Richard C. Hoagland (from his forum/blog in June 2005)

Let's say there are 10 levels, 1 being the most mundane and 10 being the highest-level multicontextuality. The public site Etemenanki normally stays around the 4-6 range. STRUG on the other hand covers the whole spectrum and beyond. In general STRUG is much more active. It's where the action is with daily postings that keep your mind moving at warp speed!

Just one necessary rule: STRUG's contents (including unique ideas, connections, insights) may not be distributed outside of STRUG without permission. Violating this rule can result in the immediate termination of the offender's access to STRUG.