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Biblical storms

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[Biblical prophecy claims the world will end on Sept. 23,
Christian numerologists claim]

On a day that’s been made rather “Biblical” by the prophecy hype out there, it’s fitting to have Maria (Mary, mother of Jesus) and Jose (Joseph, Mary’s husband) together in the Atlantic Ocean. (Hat tip to reader, I can’t remember who.)


Are we supposed to ask at this point, where is baby Jesus? Is this narrative relevant to the “Big One” possibility – i.e. “Birthquake”?


—- UPDATE (September 24) —-

This is multicontextually significant and goes well with the “Christian” context surrounding September 23rd:

Sep 22-24 NFL united against Trump, takes a knee

Rome – the capital of Christendom – marks the “knee” of leg-shaped Italy…

…foreshadowing big things to come soon. Pope… America…

Century II – 41
The great star will burn for seven days,

The cloud will make two suns appear:
The large mastiff will howl all night
When the great pontiff changed territory.

– Nostradamus

Stay tuned…


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  • Jeffy Oak

    Hey a few mins ago I saw this fiery red looking comet slowly shoot up and wrap around the sky here in LA. It apparently now was the Atlas V rocket launch. It was so eerie seeing it in person.

    • Goro

      LA… and Atlas… together. Nice. Also reminds me of the “LA Mystery Missile” which was a major omen before the Japan megaquake/tsunami… :-O

  • Jeffy Oak

    Can you insert a mailing list somewhere so that we can be emailed when you post a new article?

    • Goro

      Probably won’t happen. :-/

  • Jeffy Oak

    I just saw the fiery red comet slowly ascend and seem to curve across the sky in LA. It apparently was the Atlas V rocket that launched.

  • M(aRi)A = R ‘in’ ai ‘in’ MA = 18 ‘in’ 19 ‘in’ 131 = “” 168 “”
    R(OM)E = 28 ‘in’ 23 = 51 .. the angel of the pyrAmid
    OM .. the sound for AIR .. the “he(A)rt” of M(aRi)A

    .. the LoNDoN OlympicS SYMBOL .. ta-KING a Knee

    lovelovelove )))
    greb’Z )

  • J.T. MCCarthy

    Knowing that the substance of Christian prophecy isn’t always your bag, the events following from the September 23 stellium are the flight of a large number of people to a valley in the wilderness and then a large number of “stars” falling from the sky. Of course there are many interpretations. One possible interpretation if for instance there had been some remote viewing of our time from what we perceive to be the past is that the viewer saw a large number of things that looked to him like falling stars that then led to two thirds of the light of the sun being blocked from shining on the earth for three to seven years.

    Niberu of course is and was not part of said prophetic vision. Not that I think you would fall for that disinfo. The reason I am personally watching this period so closely is that contrary to the debunkers, the 4 Blood Moons prophecy was 100% accurate in that those people whom the ancients would have recognized as the Christian Church, Syriac, Arimean, Chaldean, etc did experience the greatest persecution in history at the hands of Muslim fanatics. Yet, everyone pretends that since Baptists in Oklahoma weren’t raptured the prophecy failed. I’d say John was the best remote viewer in history and am concerned. That’s just me

    • Goro

      Yeah for me, I just go with what works (pragmatic) and working with the Bible stuff never seemed to work in terms of discerning the future, which is why I stay away from it now. Doesn’t mean I didn’t try it out, but it just turned out to be not useful. When so many people are focusing on something, it tends to lose its “magic”. Hold a bar of soap too tightly and it will just slip away…