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Super Torch Ritual

2022 in the balance


…is the stuff of Ma’at, the Hall of Truth and the weighing of the heart, aka (in the 21st-century context) the Great Filter.

STR’s projection has been that 2022 will see an intensification of this “final test” for humanity at the end of history which is commencing as we speak.

A big signal today in the form of Justice Stephen Brewer retiring as reported in the news, something of a political “deep impact” development in the United States which is now set to continue to unfold over the next several months and become a key component of the year 2022, fittingly keeping the idea of justice/judgment as an underlying context in the air for a while.

Jan 16 Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire

Multicontextually speaking (i.e. indirect “whispers”) it’s certainly intriguing/ominous that the name of the Justice, Stephen Breyer, etymologically implies “crown brewer” which…

…in turn implies “corona beer“. (“Corona” means “crown”.) Something that actually exists and is popular around the world with “Corona Extra” being the most popular variation.

And we’ll leave it at that here.