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Utah Monolith – 2001 in 2020

Just quickly for now, regarding the “Utah Monolith” discovered last week…

Initial reports:
Nov 20 We are not alone? Mysterious object found in Utah
Nov 21 Mysterious Monolith In Remote Utah Wilderness
Nov. 24 mainstream news coverage:
BBC: Metal monolith found by helicopter crew in Utah desert
AP: Mysterious shiny monolith found in otherworldly Utah desert
NBC: Mysterious metal monolith discovered in rural Utah
CNN: Utah helicopter crew discovers mysterious monolith deep in desert

Obviously an allusion to 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Underscored by the dimensions closely matching the WTC Twin Towers… destroyed in 2001.

A solar eclipse extinguishing “Orion’s torch”, back to back in 2001 and 2020

…to be echoed on the other side on winter solstice 2020…

…by an epic Jupiter-Saturn “Great Conjunction”…

…taking place for the first time since 2000.

Guess what’s next?

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UPDATE – November 25

We now know the exact location of the Utah Monolith (Google Earth view – hopefully works):

38°20’35″N 109°39’58″W

It’s in the middle of nowhere. If (as likely) man-made, someone really had to be motivated to put it there.

Nov 24 The metal monolith recently documented in the Utah desert has been there since 2016

Also interesting, Google Earth’s historical satellite pictures have shown that the monolith has been there since 2016. The monolith was in effect patiently waiting for years to be discovered at the “right time”.

Some people have already gone to the site using the coordinates yesterday and are apparently disappointed to discover that it looks more man-made than alien, as if that was the only issue.

As reader Atom commented:

What is really remarkable is the amount of attention it is getting and how it is intentionally or unintentionally pushing/triggering the ET theme into the public’s mind. I think we’ve never had anything like this ET-related in the MSM ever before. That’s quite something.

Here on Super Torch Ritual we are a bit different than most out there as we avoid focusing on the literal/surface level of anomalies and events. So while it’s nice to get these new details, they are not something that affects our multicontextual decoding, interpretations and projections. The Utah Monolith whispering…

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UPDATE – November 29

The Utah Monolith is gone! It’s not there anymore. ????????‍♂️ Disappeared on the evening of November 27th.

[Nov 30 Mystery surrounds Utah monolith’s appearance & disappearance]