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Super Torch Ritual

Saros 131

Quick note: The total lunar eclipse coming up on May 15-16 belongs to a series of near-identical lunar eclipses classified as “Saros 131” repeating every 18 years + ~11 days.

The one on April 24, 1986 almost exactly coincided with the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine (April 26, 1986); the one before that was on April 13, 1968 closely coinciding with the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. (April 4) followed by Robert F. Kennedy 2 months later. Something of a dark pattern.

The Ukraine/Chernobyl connection is obvious as well as ominous in the context of the dangerous war unfolding in Ukraine since February this year with increasing nuclear implications.

And then there is the “ELE” full moon (Supermoon) in June and basically that whole month…