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Super Torch Ritual

Point of Divergence

End of History

The 21st century will see the end of history. End of linear time, end of “reality”. There is going to be a time storm which will blow the dandelion seeds off the clocks and into new worlds. No longer unified and in sync reality will shatter into countless pieces like a broken glass.

That’s the big picture we get from the Time Rivers – a planetary “map of time” carved directly on the surface of our planet, showing the entire history, the past, present and future of the human civilization (in theory). These literal “rivers of time” are coded in various ways and on many levels centered around the symbolism of the Nile being a literal river of time. (Sounds crazy? Yes. It is crazy and real.)

Long story short, there is no escaping the temporal vortex. It is, for all intents and purposes, destiny. We are in the Nile and the Nile is nearing the sea…


With a proper big picture installed in your mind, you start having deep insights and foresight. Time begins to dissolve and through the dissipating mist you begin to see clearly…

Mars is imminent. Virtual reality is imminent. AI is imminent. Active psi is imminent. We’re seeing this now. The animals are about to break out of the zoo.

Geo-temporally we are now coming up on Cairo where the Nile breaks up into many channels to form the Nile Delta. It’s where time bifurcates into two main distributaries. There will be an Earth timeline, and a Mars timeline. Two timelines, two realities. It’s no coincidence that “Cairo” means Mars.

On the other side of the Nile from Cairo is Giza where we find the world’s most mysterious monuments – the great pyramids and the Great Sphinx – waiting in deafening silence, frozen in time and paused in suspended animation, doing nothing… until now. Until the 21st century.


As our graduation day draws closer and closer the phoenix is showing signs of waking up. The countdown is now on for the day the ancient time capsule is triggered to finally open, the day our memory block is finally removed. Then we finally wake up, we finally come alive. Out of the Nile, out of denial. End of linear time, out of restricted existence.

Happy ending? Yes and no. Not all students graduate. That’s just the way it is, just as we try to block bad seeds from spreading.

[Nile – the Time River]

“Happy ending” is “Nile ending”. In ancient Egypt Hapi was a Nile god. The Nile is linear time – a form of existence in illusion – and those happy in the Nile are in denial. Ignorance is bliss. Good luck in the time loop. Happy and you don’t question, happy and you don’t seek. Answers will come only to those who ask questions.

I know why you’re here, Neo. I know what you’ve been doing… why you hardly sleep, why you live alone, and why night after night, you sit by your computer. You’re looking for him. I know because I was once looking for the same thing. And when he found me, he told me I wasn’t really looking for him. I was looking for an answer. It’s the question that drives us, Neo. It’s the question that brought you here. You know the question, just as I did.

Trinity in The Matrix


Truth vs. Illusion

The biggest thing in the news and on many people’s minds for more than a year now is a fascinating if stressful expression of the same idea of fragmenting reality. We are talking about Trump, fake news, alternative facts, social media echo chambers, etc. etc. All these things in the “post-truth era” essentially imply people choosing their own versions of reality. And we can see in it the danger of having greater freedom. Like with fire, it can be incredibly helpful or incredibly destructive. We all know little kids shouldn’t be playing with fire.

The Trump world is vastly different from the reality perceived by those outside of that bubble. In this way reality has split to a degree that we haven’t quite seen before. If facts are optional, reality can be whatever you want it to be. We see Trump does this all the time. He wanted to see the Washington Mall overflowing with admiring people on Inauguration Day, and by god that’s what he decided to see and believe despite all the evident to the contrary. It is his pride, ego and obsession with “winning”, not the truth, that usually end up being the deciding factor. Such mentality can be powerful, so much so it helped him become the leader of the most powerful nation on the planet. But it always comes with a price. Unless aligned with truth, whatever achievement made is only a bubble waiting to burst. The less aligned with truth, the more temporary it is. To be in time is to be in conflict with truth. Freedom to be wrong.

All the negative developments we now see constitute a cautionary tale about creating one’s own reality and disregarding truth. Having more freedom is liberating, but unless you possess a sufficient level of wisdom to go with it, it will only lead to your own doom. It’s easy to burn yourself with fire.

As mankind prepares to embark on a precarious journey into fragmented realities, it is of critical importance that we learn all the necessary lessons before the situation can spiral out of control. Otherwise we risk destroying ourselves like the proud Titanic sinking into the bottom of the ocean. The Trump phenomenon… it won’t be forgotten easily, by design. It’s an experience we can use to save ourselves down the line.

We cannot cross the threshold into the next realm unless we learn to respect and accept truth. Period.

The most likely scenario, supported by the Time Rivers, is that not everyone will make the cut. Reality/time will split into two main streams one of which won’t be able to find its way out of the hellish time loop.

Obsessing about winning is a big trap. Not everything is a stupid game. It takes higher intelligence to focus, get motivated, and actively think without a clear goal of winning like in sports. Monkeys (animals) understand winning. Monkeys understand taking sides. Monkeys understand domination. Monkeys understand self interest. Monkeys won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. They will stay where they are.

If your motivation is not aligned with truth, it’s inevitable that corruption gets involved. It’s unavoidable. Either you’re with truth, or you’re not. Simple as that. Truth is the beginning and it is the end, the goal. Not happiness. Not winning. Not pride. Truth.

Virtual Reality

Reality fragmentation, dream world, psi, the Matrix, simulated reality (VR & AR), artificial intelligence, Mars, time loop/travel, truth… The stuff of mankind’s destiny in the 21st century as we start crossing the threshold into the next phase of existence.

There is going to be a technological aspect to this reality fragmentation process and it’s called virtual reality/augmented/mixed reality.

Virtual reality is the new “Big Bang”, opening up a whole new reality/dimension/universe. It’s not entirely a metaphor. There is a serious parallel there. Augmented reality (AR) – half reality, half simulated reality – will be like a bridge between those two worlds. With it, you become like an “angel”, one foot in this world, one foot in another world.

Both VR and AR will be spreading like wildfire during the next several years, revolutionizing the way we live more dramatically than the internet and mobile devices have done so far. Constant, real-time global online communication. That was a big deal. But now we are about to step outside of reality itself. That’s a cosmically huge deal. As big a deal as colonizing Mars (and the two happen to interact quite heavily).

There will be a transition period that will feature “smart glasses” – basically a smart phone on your face – a la Google’s original vision for Google Glass but with a bit more augmented reality elements added (i.e. not just notifications, etc.). Google Glass was too ambitious for its time. The world is almost ready now.

With virtual reality you are more fully removed from reality. There will be VR communities and digital worlds. People will be diving into a world of their choosing and for all intents and purposes having an active “life” there.

Reality is what we perceive with our senses. Virtual reality, if real enough, will be a version of reality. Who’s to say which reality is more real or authentic? Reality is what you experience. The more you believe in what your senses are telling you, the more real the virtual world becomes. It becomes reality. That’s a big deal. No longer will we be forced to live in a single, stale reality.

Apple knows it’s the future…

and you probably didn’t even notice
Jun 07 With WWDC 2017 and iOS 11, Apple has shown us
the end of the iPhone

Just so you know I’m not saying all this only now in 2017, here is a quote from what I wrote back in 2014:

As said in the movie Prometheus: “Big things have small beginnings“…

It was the day before the release of Prometheus on June 8, 2012 that a big thing indeed had a small beginning. The Oculus Rift – a virtual reality head-mounted display – was revealed to the general public at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) on June 5-7. Tellingly the occasion came accompanied by a rare celestial alignment called the Transit of Venus, the biggest celestial event of the year. It was a “magical” time when things were very much in alignment. “As above, so below”… […]

Simply put, Virtual Reality (VR) is about to change the world, largely thanks to the breakthroughs made by a little Kickstarter-funded company called Oculus […]

Virtual Reality is being born as we speak. What’s happening now… is the birth of a new world.

That’s no exaggeration. Can you now imagine living in a world without the internet? The smart phone? After the birth and rapid spread of VR, that’s how we will look back at the the world as it exists now, living without any VR to speak of around us. […]

Cyberspace is amazing and real, but it lacks the immersiveness of VR. If you can feel you’re living inside a digital virtual world, then who is to say it’s not a “real” world? Who is to say this physical world we are living in is not a virtual world to begin with? And if it’s a whole new reality that is being born via VR, as the name “Rift” was intended to imply (i.e. a rift between this world and the virtual world), then it is a “Big Bang” that’s taking place now or about to take place.

Big things have small beginnings. A whole new reality has a small beginning too.

Sounding too grandiose and cosmic? Perhaps, but multicontextually we could even infer that the “end” of the Mayan calendar on the December solstice 2012, marking the end of an age and the beginning of another, had a lot to do with the Birth of VR […]

What’s really telling here is the fact that the word Maya in Hinduism and Buddhism means illusion… which is what Virtual Reality (or reality in general) is all about!
This birth of a new world via VR was quite realistically depicted in the 2010 Syfy TV series Caprica which was an offshoot or prequel of Battlestar Galactica… “Galactica” as in Galaxy… as in the Milky Way and the Dark Rift. […]


Caprica also highlighted the apple and the infinity symbol (used by a group called “Soldiers of the One” which is heavily woven into the overall story), together alluding to the company Apple

…as Apple‘s main campus has the street address “1 Infinite Loop“.

[…] All the multicontextual clues collectively suggest that the rise of VR […] is a big deal, not unlike the clues for the rise of SpaceX/Elon Musk/Mars. Previously we thought that the New World/Age emerging through “2012” is Mars. While that is still the case, we now see that we have another one simultaneously being born called Virtual Reality. This is going to change the world, more profoundly and more rapidly than you think. […]

Are you ready? Because this is coming…

Ready or not, in 2017 it gets real. Can you sense the cracks appearing in reality? I can.


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