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Super Torch Ritual

NASA’s new leader & New Space

Since August we’ve had a string of pattern projections fulfilled by world events, including “super torch ritual” events, (neo-)Nazi chaos, late August impact via Hurricane Harvey/Houston great flood, North Korea flareups, Los Angeles impact, etc., many of which were quite dramatic and undeniable. I’ll get to North Korea’s latest nuke test in another post later, but here is something else noteworthy that happened this weekend:

Sep 02 White House Nominates Jim Bridenstine as NASA Administrator
Sep 03 Trump’s pick for head of NASA raises brows

Jim Bridenstine to head NASA… This was not that difficult to foresee, as I wrote back in March:

Mar 26, 2017 This guy will lead NASA

I’m going to go ahead and state here that I view US congressman Jim Bridenstine from Tulsa, Oklahoma as a key piece of the puzzle for mankind’s imminent big transition to becoming a spacefaring, multi-planetary species via going to the Moon and Mars and beyond. I feel quite sure that he will be appointed the new NASA administer soon. (He is being considered for the job by Team Trump.)

Back in April 2016 Bridenstine introduced the American Space Renaissance Act “to permanently secure the United States as the preeminent spacefaring nation”. He is young, seems highly competent, has a clear and ambitious vision, and is highly knowledgeable about all related issues. He is also supportive of “New Space” spearheaded by SpaceX and share’s Elon Musk’s sense of urgency for getting the Space Age started. […]

He would get along great with Elon, a relationship that will benefit and probably accelerate the efforts to “get our ass to Mars” (after the Moon).

What we’ll probably be seeing in the coming years is the likes of Elon Musk, Bridenstine, and Mike Pence (and Bannon?) closely working together, quite possibly via the National Space Council (NASC) being resurrected by Trump, to push the US and the rest of the world with it into the Space Age and to Mars. (In theory the [National Space Council] will help coordinate space efforts across the civilian, military, national security, and intelligence sectors from the Executive Office of the President.)

We should find out pretty soon.

Bridenstine should get the Congressional confirmation easily and get the ball rolling soon.

NOTE: Remember, this New Space movement is heavily entangled with the long-projected exit of Trump in 2018 if not sooner, and the rise of Pence who is now in charge of the National Space Council.

UPDATE (Sep 5): I do have to mention, as this came to my attention in the last few days, that Bridenstine reportedly is a climate change denier. If true, this would be an issue (Musk quit Trump’s advisory board because of the president’s decision to pull out from the Paris climate change accord back in June) and makes us wonder if he is too much of a politician for the job. Hopefully not.


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