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Harvey’s 618 days

In the context of the Harvey/Houston great flood and “Threshold 618 – American Eclipse“…

It’s remarkable to find that today, August 29, 2017 marks:

  • 12th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina/New Orleans great flood
  • 618 days from December 20, 2015

What happened on December 20 2015? A big “Harvey” event in Las Vegas making headlines! Host Steve Harvey mistakenly crowned the wrong Miss Universe, which also weirdly coincided with a crazed woman mowing down pedestrians just outside the building.

Dec 20, 2015 Steve Harvey crowns the wrong Miss Universe in Vegas
Dec 20 Las Vegas Strip sidewalk: Driver hits dozens of pedestrians

[Miss Colombia’s crown is taken away after Miss Philippines
emerges as the real Miss Universe]

Las Vegas” reinforces the connection as Hurricane Harvey arrived with a historic boxing match in Las Vegas (Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor)…

Aug 26-27, 2017 Floyd Mayweather beats McGregor in boxing megafight in Las Vegas

…where the big winner was a “Flood“. That’s the meaning of the nameFloyd“.

Quite a coincidence all this. And it underscoring the importance of “618”/”6:18″ during this period of great transition, a number/time I’ve been highlighting since 2006 and just recently “declassified” with the Great American Eclipse in “Threshold 618 – American Eclipse“. (In the article the “Great Flood” is specifically mentioned as a “Threshold 618” event.)

In this context it’s also worth mentioning that tropical storm/depression Harvey was/is projected by NOAA to move directly toward the “618” region (Southern Illinois/area code 618) this week where the Great American Eclipse peaked. Reader Cyrus brought this to my attention last night (Aug 28) and as of last night this was indeed the projected path. Now the path has shifted a bit southward but that doesn’t matter much now. Message sent, message received, on key date August 28 which we were watching closely.

P.S. Keep in mind too that “around late August” was a key window we’ve been repeatedly highlighting since early July in connection with all these themes.


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