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Super Torch Ritual

Artificial Great Filter

A quick note on where we are in the multicontextual pattern we’ve been tracking:

On November 29, 2022 – the day before the release of ChatGPT which started the A.I. revolution, trigging what will be the biggest reality shift in our life times or even in human history – we published our magnum opus public article “Capstone Contagion“, talking/warning about the Great Filter, essentially an existential test for humanity or “weighing of the heart” in the Hall of Ma’at. What it is, is history’s endgame in the 21st century, the final century, based on our “map of time” (Time Rivers).

Does the capstone mark the end of the world? Does it mark the beginning of the next? […] Because the Great Filter is an all-seeing eye, watching and preparing the “weighing of the heart“. Pass the test and we get (re-)born. Fail the test and we get aborted (ELE). Go/no-go decision time for all mankind.

By early December we recognized what ChatGPT/generative A.I. was in the big picture – a topic covered in our article “Capstone Is Everything Everywhere All At Once“.

[T]he A.I. side of things… is another huge part of the “capstone contagion” that is quickly altering reality in 2023 and beyond.

In short, A.I. is a major “capstone” quite literally triggering the Great Filter. It’s no longer just me saying it.

May 11 Paper Claims AI May Be a Civilization-Destroying “Great Filter”

We are suddenly facing a new Oppenheimer moment – the birth of something so powerful it can and will change the world forever very quickly.

…when the countdown clock hits zero, the capstone will go nuclear?

Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer being released in 2023 is an ominous and perfectly timed signal/warning.

The A.I. Dilemma

A.I. and the future of humanity

We don’t have to wait for AGI (artificial general intelligence) or “singularity” to see the start of the reality collapse. Generative A.I. we have now is enough to begin the process of altering the fabric of reality, potentially ending human history and fulfilling the “prophecy” of the Time Rivers (see “Capstone Contagion“).

The timing of the Great Filter is heavily correlated with the start of the Space Age and some things are now set to transpire…