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Super Torch Ritual

April ignition sequence

Initiate countdown… Approaching event horizon…

April 03: SpaceX “Starhopper” (Starship prototype) successfully performs tethered hop (short rocket test firing)

April 04: Israeli lunar lander Beresheet (launched on SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket) enters lunar orbit

April 04: Japan’s Hayabusa2 bombs asteroid Ryugu

April 05: SpaceX “Starhopper” completes 2nd tethered hop

April 05: SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket performs static fire

Coming Up:

April 09: Israel election
April 09: Second-ever Falcon Heavy launch (1st commercial launch) & double/triple landing [UPDATE: Launch date has been pushed back to April 10]

April 10: First-ever image of black hole to be unveiled

April 10: Jupiter retrograde begins (Apr 10-Aug 11)

April 11: IsraeliBeresheet” landing on the Moon

Mid April: Deadline for the release of the Mueller Report
April 14: Start of Game of Thrones final season
[And then, 2nd half of April…]

Countdown to (re)birth… Mayday Mayday…