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Super Torch Ritual

AGI foreshocks

The future-changing A.I. drama of the past few days involving OpenAI, Altman, Microsoft… Can you feel it coming? A – G – I

Part of the endgame of reality at the end of history.

UPDATE (Nov 23): OpenAI reportedly had just made a major A.I. breakthrough – known as project “Q*” or “Q Star” – right before Altman’s ouster. Many experts and observers have theorized that the discovery may be directly pertinent to achieving AGI i.e. artificial general intelligence, the Holy Grail of A.I. research which would change everything. OpenAI/Altman has not yet confirmed or denied these speculations. Regardless, the countdown to AGI which is a key component of the end of reality as we know it is definitely underway.

[Link 1, link 2]