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Remote Viewing 9/11 (Farsight)

You can now watch Farsight’s 9/11 remote viewing project video presentation free on Youtube – here. Originally released years ago and made available for free today. The remote viewers are Dick Allgire and Daz Smith who are certainly two of the very best around today. (Warning: Courtney Brown looks creepy with his head completely bald in it.)

Note: The “live” remote viewing sessions done in this video (and others) are a bit misleading for those not familiar with the process of RV in that these are if I understand it correctly follow-up sessions done after the real, initial sessions done with pen and paper, going through a series of much more tedious stages of data acquisition. Real RV sessions are not nearly as simplistic as they make it look in these videos. They do it this way to make it easier to follow and digest.

UPDATE: There are fascinating segments in the video that actually confirm some of the major 9/11 conspiracy theories

UPDATE 2: I finished watching Part 1 and I gotta say Dick and Daz are just amazing remote viewers and did an unbelievable job on this project. Their RV sessions – valid or not – make it quite clear when it comes to the question of whether the official story is true. The most revealing segment you can watch by following this link.

Key points from their RV sessions:

  • Brick-like explosives (possibly nuclear/radioactive in some way) were swiftly placed inside the building(s) by military-type men that came in a non-descriptive van. They were well trained and well organized.
  • This was a sophisticated and meticulously planned operation that was executed and was monitored in real time by a group of highly secretive military-type men who may have been in/near DC/Virginia.
  • The planes appear to have been in “uninterruptible autopilot” mode and the pilots on the plane(s) couldn’t do anything about it, it appears they were not in control of the plane(s).
  • Nothing was reported regarding Muslim men/terrorists.

Remember: They did their remote viewing sessions without knowing what the target was. They had no idea they were tasked to remote view 9/11. All this information was obtained while they were still in the blind. So no personal biases or guessing involved. That’s not to say imagination and all the conspiracy theories floating around can’t influence RV impressions. But these are very experienced remote viewers and the information is chillingly consistent. It’s more likely than not that their information is closer to the truth than the official story.

Looking forward to Part 2 which will be released on March 15th.