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Star Wars

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Stargate Wars - Part 2

Stargate Wars – Part 2

As in the days of Noah… War in heaven... There is a clear pattern in world events that is following a certain sequence... The disturbing script has a little bit more to go and we can assume things will continue forward along the story arc with the ending to be ...
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Stargate Wars - Part 1

Stargate Wars – Part 1

It’s coming… Something hidden… something ancient… something alien… Through the Gate. The Stargate is opening. The Atlantean Hall of Records is opening. “ETs” are whispering. And this is only a prelude to 2018, the year of… ...
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Eclipse kaboom

Eclipse kaboom

August 2017: Great American Solar Eclipse, North Korea playing with nuclear fire... Hopefully it won't be like in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016): [First successful test of Death Star's planet-destroying superlaser weapon] ...