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When prophetic dream comes true

We dabble a bit in psi here on Super Torch Ritual (not yet on the public side) and we just had a dramatic prediction hit based on a prophetic dream: A deadly earthquake striking Osaka, Japan. Normally I don’t discuss dreams. But 9 days ago I had one that I sensed was psi-driven and probably prophetic, and I decided to talk about it. Today we see that it was indeed prophetic.

Here is my brief STR Note (originally premium) posted on June 9th:

I woke up this morning with a short dream about a devastating earthquake hitting Osaka, Japan (a city not really known for earthquakes). Not sure how to interpret it but I thought I’d just mention it just in case.

(You can go to the actual Note here which I just made publicly visible.)

Nine days later (today/June 18th), a deadly earthquake strikes Osaka, Japan:

Strong tremor shakes Osaka, killing at least 3
Japan earthquake kills 3, injures hundreds

A strong earthquake hit the Japanese city of Osaka during morning rush hour Monday, killing at least three people and injuring 214, Japan’s government says.

The 5.3 magnitude quake shook Osaka, on Japan’s main Honshu Island, around 8 a.m. Monday local time (7 p.m. Sunday ET) according to the US Geological Survey (USGS). […]

As one STR member already commented on the post: “If this isn’t hard proof of psi, don’t know what is. Fantastic!”

This was indeed an eerily clear case of a quite specific prophetic dream unmistakably coming true only days later, undeniably demonstrating the reality of psi (psychic functioning). And this will not remain an isolated incident. Think of this more as the beginning of things to come…

Here is from another STR Note I wrote and posted only a few hours after the prophetic dream Note, discussing the relevance of psi:

The issue of psi is fundamentally relevant to the multicontextual stuff we normally discussed here on STR. Without taking psi into account, all the baffling “coincidences” we see all around us would inevitably be considered just a result of grand conspiracies consciously orchestrated by some Satanic group. Easy to understand, not a lot of thinking required, and awfully off the mark. Conspiracies are of course everywhere, that’s just human nature, but you can’t just lazily use that to explain away every unusual thing in the world. With psi in the picture, things are just not nearly as simple. If there is a paranormal “Force” subtly influencing reality from just below the surface of what we can perceive, just as the sub/unconscious realm of awareness does the conscious mind, which is not really separate from our core being, then it’s a whole different game with a set of whole different (and unknown) rules. Here at Super Torch Ritual we do better than most at interpreting synchronisitic events in part because we pay a lot of attention to and take into account the “psi factor” in reality and know a bit more about its hidden “rules” or “the way of the Force”. So yes, psi is not only relevant but critical to understanding the multicontextual/inter-temporal state of our existence. And we are going to push it further beyond the normal boundaries of reality soon…

The tectonic plates of Reality itself are starting to shift… As above, so below; as within, so without. The Force awakens.