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Super Torch Ritual

Weighing of Elon’s heart

It’s official:

Apr 25 Elon Musk buys Twitter for $44bn, will take it private

A huge development in many ways, including the Great Filter. Important to keep in mind: Musk doesn’t do anything not beneficial to his own companies/goals regardless of what he says.

The Great Filter (i.e. go or no go for humanity going beyond earth/physical reality) and Elon Musk go hand in hand. The Great Filter (in my model) is analogous to the “weighing of the heart” test/judgment in the Hall of Ma’at.

Those who fail the test are devoured by Ammit. You may have seen exactly this play out in the new Marvel series “Moon Knight” currently being released on Disney+. No coincidence there. Plus…

The timing is no coincidence either as this is happening during the Easter window. (Yesterday was Orthodox Easter, celebrated in Russia, Ukraine, etc.) Death, cave (“hall”), resurrection. The “weighing of the heart” is the judgment of the newly deceased at the gate of the Duat underworld, one’s entry into which is a form of “resurrection”.

I feel I’m quite entitled to voice my opinion about Elon Musk as I’m the one who predicted, starting a full decade ago (2012, in older version of this website) when only few even knew he existed, that, quote:

You heard it here first. [Elon Musk] is important, for the human race, for its future. […] He has “destiny” written all over him.

– From my blog post from 2012

Big question now: Is Anakin becoming a Jedi or Vader?