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Super Torch Ritual


As Apollo 11’s Columbia spacecraft returns to Earth in the 50th anniversary mission replay on July 24th, a pair of present-time space missions are set to blast off to signify a passing of the torch, from NASA/government (Old Space) to SpaceX/commercial (New Space), ushering in a real Space Age.

SpaceX CRS-18, a cargo Dragon resupply mission to the ISS is scheduled for launch tomorrow at 20:24 GMT (6:24 PM EDT). SpaceX’s next-gen rocket system Starship/Super Heavy/Raptor – the one that will take humanity to the Moon, Mars and beyond – is tentatively set to do a “hop” test flight (“Starhopper”) as early as tomorrow.

Busy day/week as the world begins crossing the threshold…

Blue Origin is reportedly just a few test flights away from taking tourists to suborbital space sometime this year.

Virgin Galactic is currently in the process of becoming the first publicly traded space tourism company, to be completed sometime this year.

We are on the cusp…