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Timegate: Mars

The following are long excerpts from Chapter 12 & 13 of my book The Time Rivers (2003) where I discuss the end of the American New World and the rise of the Martian New World in the 21st century. The Nile represents the primary "Time River" tracking the flow of history on this planet which is supplemented by a number of secondary Time Rivers around the world, most notably the Tigris-Euphrates in Mesopotamia and the Mississippi in the United States.

While the Nile's timeline points to the latter part of the 21 century as the "end of history/time", the Mississippi's American timeline pinpoints the start of the 21st century as the end point (of the New World). From these it may be inferred that the 21st century is the "final phase" of the world as we know it and that this is to be marked by an epic "passing of the New World torch" from America to Mars.

Since this "New World transition" process has greatly intensified and came to the forefront in terms of multicontextual signaling in 2017, I felt this is an appropriate time to present the following and help flesh out the hidden context underlying what's happening all around us now...


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