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The Da Vinci Princess

Leonardo was already whispering back in February…

Beyonce aka Queen B and Jay Z posing in front of “Mono Lisa” Meghan Markle in February 2019:

Feb 24, 2019 The Meghan Markle “Mona Lisa” Painting That Went Viral Because Of Beyonce & Jay-Z

Celebrating their BRIT award win for Best Musical Group, Beyonce and Jay-Z posted a photo of themselves on IG last week that surely had people talking. The photo is a nod to a frame from their musical video APES**T in which the couple is posed in front of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa at the Louvre. […]

Perfectly resonating with…

Reborn: The Da Vinci Baby


Notre Dame: The Da Vinci Fire

[Big hat tip to reader “CanadianMason”!]

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