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Super Torch Ritual

The Da Vinci baby is here

Meghan Markle finally gave birth to a baby boy at 5:26 a.m. BST/local (12:26 a.m. EDT/US) on May 6th. As we discussed in “Reborn: The Da Vinci Baby” This represents the rebirth of Leonardo da Vinci. It is simultaneously the phoenix (naturally), Sangreal (Holy Grail/Royal Blood), Mars, and even Atlantis.

You know it’s a big deal when Notre Dame Cathedral was turned into Leonardo’s birthday candle on April 15th which in turn was foreshadowed by the Super Bowl per “Notre Dame: The Da Vinci Fire“.

The timing of the royal baby birth on May 6th precisely conforms to a hidden pattern Super Torch Ritual has been tracking since a year ago, most recently discussed in “The (Re)birth“.

Now it begins, as certain events are set to unfold…