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Super Torch Ritual

The Ark Disclosure – Part 2

Reality check: Not to sound grandiose, but sometimes reminders are helpful. Do you realize that in the entire history of (known) human civilization, YOU are among the very first (excluding the “hidden ones”) to learn the truth about the Great Flood, Noah’s Ark, Eden, Giza monuments, Atlantis, etc.?

People have spent millennia searching for real answers to such huge ancient mysteries. And here we are in the 21st century in this little place called Super Torch Ritual… the surprising answers are finally being disclosed for the first time in “history”. The “map of time” is only allowed to come out right before the end. Here we are at the edge of forever at the beginning of Time Wars. Let the Endgame begin? Anyway…

Mount Ararat… where Noah’s Ark is believed to have landed after the Great Flood in Christian tradition. (It’s actually “mountains of Ararat”, not “Mount Ararat”.)

Notice in the map how the E...


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