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Super Torch Ritual

Sirian Delta Flood

Getting increasingly clear the Delta variant is major part of the anticipated “great flood” of the Sirian Dog Days of summer. Evident particularly in the United States:

[Delta = Triangle = Sirius]

Intense days ahead as the sequence continues…

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July 04 Delta’s Rapid Spread Clouds Summer With Fear of Covid Revival
July 06 Israel data shows vaccine significantly less effective against Delta variant
Jul 15 Young people being hospitalized as delta variant spreads
Jul 16 Covid cases rise in all 50 US states as Delta variant spreads
Jul 22 ‘Another Pivotal Point’ in Pandemic
Jul 25 Pandemic is ‘spiraling out of control’
Jul 30 CDC: ‘War has changed’ as delta variant dangers emerge
Jul 30 Japan expands virus emergency after record spikes amid Games
Jul 30 Military deployed to help enforce Covid lockdown in Sydney
Aug 01 Surge of infections for the unvaccinated is only beginning, experts warn

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