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Super Torch Ritual

Sirian 50 – Judy too

Following up on”Cosmic Parasite” concerning Sirian implications of the Oscars symbolism with emphasis on Sirius B 50-year orbit (related to coronavirus and Super Bowl)…

We can add to the big pile of evidence the Best Actress Oscar winner Renee Zellweger

…who happens to be 50 years old too, just like Parasite‘s Bong Joon-ho who won Best Director. Both born in Sirius B’s apoapsis year – 1969.

Not only that, Judy Garland played by Zellweger in “Judy” (2019)…

died in 1969, a fact underscored by the fact that the movie focuses on her final year, very much like “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” – another big winner at the Oscars – also set in 1969, 50/51 years ago.

Judy Garland is best know for her role in Wizard of Oz (1939), a girl from Kansas in Oz, resonating with this year’s Super Bowl one week before the Oscars where the Chiefs from Kansas City (technically in Missouri) became champions for the first time in… 50 years (by beating the “49ers”).

Halftime show featuring Jennifer Lopez 50 years old.

So on and so forth. An unmistakable pattern. A pattern pre-highlighted, a pattern unfolding before your eyes… (Still the tip of the iceberg.)

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It’s a trigger. An epic one in 2020.