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Pope, Sirius & 2023

Former Pope Benedict XVI is dead on the final day of 2022.

Dec 31 Former Pope Benedict XVI dies at 95

As I anticipated in the Dec 28 post “Final days“:

The countdown to the New Year is now also the countdown to the passing of Pope Benedict XVI.

This would be a rather severe combination of a “kick” and the Great Filter. […]

It’ worth noting that Benedict XVI’s reign ended on February 28, 2013 or only 2 months after the “end” of the Mayan calendar, evoking the “end of an age”. Which is very fitting in the current context.

Also don’t forget the Sirius factor. As I noted in “Nuclear Sirius Countdown” back on Dec 27:

…The helical rising of Sirius also marked [ancient Egyptians’] New Year’s Day.

Even today New Year’s Eve/Day coincides with Earth aligning with Sirius on the opposite side of the Sun.

The New Year’s countdown is thus in effect a “Countdown to Sirius”.

The 2023 New Year’s Day is extra Sirian […]

(See also “Sirius Contagion“.)

And so 2023 begins…