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‘Oumuamua the alien messenger

‘Oumuamua is on the front page of The New Yorker right now with the title “Have Aliens Found Us?“. It’s been more than a year since discovery and our first interstellar visitor is getting even more attention from professional astronomers and the mainstream media for being a possible alien spacecraft. (Read that again and let it sink in.) As noted before, this is an unprecedented situation.

Evidently ‘Oumuamua and the Pentagon UFO project disclosure simultaneously making big headlines back in the fall/winter of 2017 shifted the paradigm in a big way as far as the possibility of extraterrestrial life. A bit darkly, these were closely preceded by a mass shooting event in Las Vegas on October 1st that year, in effect setting an “Atlantean” context for what was to follow per our latest discussion in “Invisible Pyramid of Atlantis“.