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Super Torch Ritual

One Nation Under The Sun

Happy Apollo 11 50th anniversary! It’s been half a century. Now we’ve colonized the Moon, Mars, and a space fleet headed for Alpha Cent… Oh wait, we are struggling just to put a man back on the Moon. ???? Absolutely no sci-fi writer would have predicted this staggering lack of progress in space. But that’s all about to change thanks to the rise of the commercial space industry or “New Space” spear-headed by SpaceX. Governments are just too unreliable for big, long-term projects that require stable focus and steady funding. The Apollo program managed to accomplish what it did due to extreme fear (Soviet threats), which is why it was unsustainable. We didn’t choose to go to the Moon because it’s hard, we chose to go to the Moon because we were scared. Fear is a great motivator. But it’s primitive and temporary. In the 21st century, we choose to go to the Moon, Mars and beyond because we are inspired to do so, not out of fear but because, despite everything, we can still dream.

One Nation Under the Sun