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Super Torch Ritual

Nuclear Moon

A major pattern confirmation on March 4th arrived in the form of a couple of “nuclear Moon” events erupting simultaneously on the Moon and a nuclear power plant in Ukraine, as anticipated in “Great Filter Warning” (Feb 12).

The wayward rocket lunar impact we knew was coming.

Mar 04 Rocket debris just collided with Moon

Its nuclear counterpart we could only speculate about with trepidation. And then…

Remember: The Chernobyl nuclear disaster happened in Ukraine; “Chernobyl” means “(common) wormwood“; wormwood’s genus name is Artemisia from Artemis the Greek goddess of the Moon; “Wormwood” is the name of the doomsday rock – space impact – in the Book of Revelation.

Well, March 4th came around and… boom. There was no mistaking it.

Russian troops mindlessly started shooting at Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant at Zaporizhzhia, causing a fire to break out at the site. For a few hours everyone feared the worst – another “Chernobyl“.

Mar 04 Battle at Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant raises global alarm
Mar 04 Russia’s nuke plant attack revives Chernobyl disaster fears

Fortunately, there was no radiation leak or meltdown. But it was way too close for comfort.

Unfortunately, the pattern fulfillment did tell us that the underlying pattern is solid – including a countdown – and that there is a “Wormwood” headed this way in 2022.

Still some time before the month of June but the spring equinox is coming up soon when the “Martian” monument Great Sphinx will stare directly at the sun rising due east.

Remember, Russia’s invasion started on the autumn equinox on Mars (planet of war) on February 24th.

The United States started its war in Iraq on the spring equinox with a “shock and awe” offense in 2003…

…when Mars was approaching its closest point to Earth in recorded history that year.

Equal day and equal night, balance, justice and judgment. One way or another we’ll see where we are and where we may be headed then, in this year of the Great Filter escalation.