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Reader comment (psi, AI, time travel)

The Force is strong with this comment on my brief “Psi Element” post, from “K” or, I presume, Morpheus. Quoted in full below:  

————–[ Begin quote]————

To the bit about hyperspace- yes, but that’s not everything. If fore-ordaining counts as form of psi, then an AI with the ability to accurately predict a human’s every action over the course of a week can by definition predict the future. On the Terminator timeline, The AI world power resulting from Skynet achieving metacognition has the ability to travel through time and in fact holds a hegemony over time travel technology. Bending time is a manipulation of consensus reality, another facet of psi potential.

But aside from the semantics of psi are and what constitutes psi versus its technological abstractions, you’re traveling a dangerous road here. Terminator’s timeline is not any field of academia aside from its study as a piece of a movie franchise. It was all made up by James Cameron and his consorts. Structurally, time travel in movies requires a single timeline to travel upon, as seen in Back to the Future, in which temporal jumps are literally made on four wheels and require road to put them upon. Many other films have used time-bending, or dimensional travel disguised as travel through time, but these two are most famous for a single temporal line that can be infinitely affected through the use of electro-mechanical machines. Movie logic aside, these narratives do not represent the possibility of travel to and manipulation of eventualities… in what will surely have been a truncated, bittersweet continuum of human experience by the time humanity is indeed over, if the heralds weaving their quilt through major events stitch true.

What I’m really saying is that we’re not going to last long in our current state and that the end of our species will be when we are debating amongst ourselves over the irreducible definition of a human being. In fact by then it should already be over. Even if we could travel through the past and used that power to affect future events, we could not erase people or thoughts, or make a human male from that past’s future visiting that past disincorporate by destroying his father’s chances with his mother at the high school prom, or whatever.

Ultimately, affecting the future is something that we do with every decision, all of us, by weaving a future with an ever-spindling wheel, if this is an acausal reality with humans at the helm of dominion. But, as we who watch and listen are learning, the world is making a violent transition to some kind of otherworldly influence, perhaps by rude workings on the part of the psychological war machine that pumps out material reality for all of us to consume. More likely, we are inches away from being visited again and great attention is being paid skyward by Master Control as they unleash a storm of dayglow orange symbolism for whomever is just outside the door. Society is eating itself freely. Liberal vengeance is spilling the blood of the patriarchy and making lions of the long oppressed mice.

What more perfect time could there be for AI to be handed the keys, then the eventuality of the current now under the fist of otherworld macrobe enemies- a social warfare bursting behind the screens of every laptop, xenophobia now no longer enough. Everyone’s chasing after their own select identity Realpolitik and anyone could be a gun-wielding murderer. The Vegas charade. We have to hate and fear each other so these murderers, clearly the playthings of aetheric beasts, can earn their right to the acolyte’s reprieve when the astral conquistadors are purging the natives. Only a super-powerful AI linked to every tank, soldier’s HUD and missile silo could defend us from the supranormal.

Or we become the thing we who watch and listen reserve as one of their pet fears, of the pacific end to a long, dark road that winds across the cold steppes of hell and back. I’m speaking of course about the world saved from us by a legacy AI created by the brains of Silicon even as we speak. The one that offers protection, prosperity and preservation, in lieu of perfection- a categorical impossibility for mere human subjects. This is the AI protectorate, an AI world described by Al Bielek, or Duncan Cameron, depending on your definition, with computers as the top of the food chain. That eventuality is a virtual guarantee for those of us left behind by the overclass to duke it out amongst ourselves, should they fly away to Mars, or go to unlock the alien gods beneath the frozen waters of Europa.

If metacognition is the destiny of man-made machines that once replicated and improved upon human computation, then we have ultimately doomed ourselves by chasing the fantasy of AI down a rabbit hole of conceit. So candid quips about the machine enemy do not take into account the timeline of events leading to the currently advanced embryonic stage of artificially intelligent computing machines. Not to mention the total copout that it is to claim the lack of psi potential amongst, I don’t know, the general population, is the result of being undermined by machines from our, or any, future eventuality. Psi is the least of their problems considering the wealth of luddites in the world who would almost certainly prefer that AI be limited to medical technology, like myself.

Yes, time travel is the only weapon the machines could use against us, if they wanted to ever stand in opposition to the one force on the planet that could sustain them- us. Current outlook: the power is moved around by the original magii, for a time. Earth is returned to an alien state, while America begins a slow cultural asphyxiation, draw in its military and finally wars with itself. This is what They want. America is not being tested, but provoked to madness so that it’s nationalism- its identity drowns screaming in a boiling cauldron of karmic retribution. Eventually this will all be an abstraction rapped about by cyborg hip-hop artists.

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