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Oct 12-13

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October 12th is the actual date of Columbus discovering America the New World. Asteroid 2012 TC4 will buzz Earth just at 1:42 a.m. EDT (0542 GMT). A secret Vegas design also pinpointing the same date. Then comes Friday the 13th, this year marking the 100th anniversary of Fatima’s Marian “Miracle of the Sun”.

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  • alan

    Ominous news from friday 13th:

    “Flight 666 to HEL took off one last time this Friday the 13th”


    “Atlas Fire claims 2 more lives, raising total to 4”
    The massive Atlas Fire that’s scorching terrain on both sides of the Solano-Napa county line claimed two more lives Friday, both at a single Napa County home.


    • Goro

      It’s called “Atlas Fire”??? :-O

      • alan

        Charts show it’s the largest fire in the “firestorm”, 3rd deadliest.

        “The Atlas Fire is a 2017 wildfire burning in Napa County, California north of the city of Napa, near Napa Soda Springs. It is one of fourteen large fires simultaneously burning in eight Northern California counties in what has been called the “Northern California firestorm”.[2] Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency.[3][4]”

        The fire began about 10 p.m. October 8 near Atlas Peak.”

        The fires have also been called “canyon fire 2”:

        “An earlier fire near the border between Anaheim and Corona in late September had been called the Canyon Fire, leading to the designation of this one as Canyon Fire 2. ”

        Corona & Atlas!

        Maybe this is stretching things a bit but seems worth going back to “Canyon fire 2016”:

        That fire impacted the “worldview 4” launch on the “Atlas” rocket that was originally schedule to launch insight to Mars!