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Super Torch Ritual

Let’s get real

One movie I found myself struggling to get into while watching this year was Blade Runner 2049. Robots that behave just like humans are also somehow self-aware just because they’ve been programmed to mimic humans flawlessly? To me this is just utter silliness and something I cannot get over even in sci-fi. It’s just too unrealistic (impossible) and also reflective of the disturbingly deep denial many of us have of our own consciousness that interacts with but is separate from physical biology. A body is a body, it’s a machine, it can function on its own. Think sleep walking. That a robot can do. But a fully conscious, self-aware human? A robot will never become that. No matter how much you polish a mirror, what it reflects will never be reality itself but only a reflection on a flat surface made of glass only. Why I’m not as worried about A.I. as many seem to be these days. Dangerous? Sure. Potentially superior to us? I guess possible, if you think a reflection in a mirror can be more real than reality itself. Please, let’s get real.