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Just so you know…

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It IS a big “Stargate event” that’s happening. Not obvious to most but to us it is very clear. A sequence underway…

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  • K

    Whose Earth is this? It no longer feels anything like the world I was born into, instead a self-perpetuating ramshackle cultural coup burning down institutions in a storm of controversy and intellectual schizophrenia while world powers align for a final fight. Even if anyone were able to lift their eyes from the false gnostic virtuality in their telephones, they would find a world around them heaving with the chaos of birth itself. Something female and born of ravenous hunger is coming. Terrible vibrations blanche the mind in the dawn of her approach.

    A threshold seems to yawn before a void of unknown yet unconsciously familiar architecture. Jupiter is upon us. I realize I sound like a closet maniac, but I couldn’t give less of a damn shit. The high weirdness community is on the trail. I rely on this and other blogs for a perspective I instinctually warm to and macro examinations that don’t seem to exist otherwise in the virtuality.

    Her new religion will be used to provide a template for the ‘liberated’ masses in the social media class upon which to frame their trends of post-human whimsy, one that ultimately declaims family conventions as the enemy to personal enlightenment and repudiates gender roles as tools of oppression. Death and catastrophe everywhere, gushing with symbolic importance. Down on the ground, indoctrination for the precariat has been long underway. The mermaid agenda is saturating the media sphere, providing the personage of the new goddess Your own personal Isis.

    The very best of science fiction depicts human colonization of alien planets as a subtle process of cultural conditioning, including in some cases the antique installation of a religion with a narrative denouement of messianic return which can be validated through first contact with the human patriarchy, when that human-seeded civilization is deemed ripe for infiltration. They- we- simply wait for the right moment to introduce ourselves as the manifestation of that which was prophesied, having already written ourselves into their reality through carefully devised millennia-long scheming.

    This brand of subtlety is nothing new to the original control race wielding modern power, but yet remains the stuff of fantasy for the ordinary neophyte swimming in ecstasy over their own contrived personal liberation through rejection of established norms. The commanders of Troy were all too willing in their arrogance to assume the great horse at the gates was a benign offering, never suspecting the its belly of warriors with knives in their teeth waiting for them to sleep before exacting their plan.

    History will remember the authors of science fiction as sages-if not prophets- and the rock stars of Generation X as oracles. Unfortunately for us, we will be remembered as a people ultimately destroyed by our ignorance: our post on the brink of an uncanny valley between what we belief to be reality and what we imagine to be patriarchal plots too outrageous to be true as the consensual precarity is the one from which we fall, ‘saved’ by the new religion or not.