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Super Torch Ritual

Hell/Stargate opens in Luxor

Another “hell gate” opens up right on time today as Egypt announces the discovery of two ancient tombs in Luxor.

Tombs opening is quite literally hell/underworld opening up. Plus: 1) Luxor = Vegas (hotel of Oct. 1 mass shooting), and 2) the ancient Egyptian underworld is the “Duat” signified by the symbol of a 5-pointed star (in a circle). That’s our pentagrammic “Stargate”. In fact, I’ve been meaning to point out more publicly that the Stargate-Hell gate interchangeability makes perfect sense in the context of ancient Egypt/Duat. So this is a significant development that underscores the pattern we’ve been tracking, including our unique interpretation that the Vegas massacre at the Luxor hotel was a (pentagrammic) “Stargate/Hell gate event”.