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Super Torch Ritual

BTTF & Stargate sequence

This is significant especially after Zep Tepi – Part 5: Hall of Records & Golden Apple. The Texas church massacre took place on November 5th which happens to be another time travel/stargate date as Marty travels back to November 5, 1955 in Back To the Future. So the “time travel” events on November 16 (another BTTF time travel destination date) – the Atlas/Terminator robot video & Tesla’s Roadster unveiling mimicking BTTF – didn’t happen in a vacuum, it was part of a sequence. As has been my unique view since mid October (see The Fifth Element Code) we are currently in the midst of a (larger) “Stargate dialing sequence”. The closer we get to 2018 and beyond the clearer this becomes. We are just very ahead of the curve here on STR.

[Back To the Future scene right before traveling back to Nov 5, 1955]

[Tesla new Roadster unveiling – Nov 16, 2017]

[“Atlas” robot video showing it doing backflip – Nov 16]