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Fitting for the Halloween season... An insane photo:

Upside down

Saturnalia (Dec 17-23) was traditionally a time of role reversals - slaves became masters and masters became servants, etc. - when everything was turned upside down. So even more reason to associate the "Heaven Upside Down" theme with Saturn/Saturnalia. (Context.)

Is that a…

What's with the lion?

Solar explosion

There was a big explosion on the far side of the Sun yesterday (Oct 18). (Context: "Stormy" timecode.)


Did you know that I identified the four rivers of Eden using my Time River theory many years ago? And they were not what people thought. Underlying the place/idea is... "time shift".


Speaking of films, "2:22" is a surprisingly good synchronicity film released this summer (back in June). If interested, worth checking out.

Holographic Vegas PART 2

New (premium) article Holographic Vegas PART 2: Giza Emerges... Revelation continues.


Dreamers and a "breakaway civilization".... I just happened to watch Tomorrowland the other day.

Strikes me as not totally fictional, especially given the condition of the current world. Sometimes separation is necessary, to create the future we want/can without overbearing interference from the restricted minds. (P.S. Not talking

Knowing Next

Almost forgot... There is a time code pinpointing ~October 19, 2017 as a potential stormy key date:

Colliding neutron stars

The discovery announced today indeed turned out to be gravitational waves from colliding neutron stars, marking a new era of astronomy.

Neutron star shockwave?

The big announcement by the LIGO & Virgo gravitational wave hunters scheduled for later today at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. will be live streamed here, starting at 10 am EDT (US). Surprisingly no leaks so far as to what the announcement may be about... but neutron stars could

Vegas sickle

Check out Christopher Knowles' new article "Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas: The Sickle" on his newly redesigned blog website. His (often symbolic) investigation into the Vegas massacre has turned up a lot of hidden connections that often intersect with our investigation here on STR. It actually inspired me to

Vegas pentagram

Pentagram marks the spot (Las Vegas).

P.S. Lots of major breakthroughs being made behind the scenes... Stay tuned.

Regulus occultation

There is going to be a “Great American Occultation" of Regulus - the heart of the lion/Leo - by the Moon on Sunday, October 15th. This is potentially significant (another "omen") in the ongoing multicontextual pattern emanating from he August 21 Great American Solar Eclipse right at Regulus. Most recently Regulus

Oct 12-13

October 12th is the actual date of Columbus discovering America the New World. Asteroid 2012 TC4 will buzz Earth just at 1:42 a.m. EDT (0542 GMT). A secret Vegas design also pinpointing the same date. Then comes Friday the 13th, this year marking the 100th anniversary of Fatima's Marian "Miracle

“To the Stars”

The DeLonge event is happening but the website/video feed seems to be malfunctioning (no sound). To hear sound, right click then select "unmute"... OR actually you should try this link instead.

“Disclosure” event?

Out of nowhere a big "Disclosure"-related event tomorrow/Wednesday (Oct 11)? This is led by Tom DeLonge (of Blink 182) but very serious people are involved so this is worth paying attention to. The event will be live streamed from noon EDT/US here. More info: Here & herehere. Monitoring...


Deeper into the galactic twilight zone in Part 2 of our "Galactic Deep Impact" series (premium) looking into the Vegas event.

Additional syncs

1 - A "sphinx gate" scene video clip from The Neverending Story which goes perfectly with Vegas: Attack of the Sphinx. (Hat tip to Sibyl and Alejandro.)
2 - Mandalay Bay is owned by MGM which has a logo with a lion (--> sphinx), as pointed out by Chris Knowles.

Dove (Columbus) signal

Right on time for Columbus Day (October 9), the soap company Dove is making headlines after posting a seemingly racist ad on Facebook this weekend. The name Columbus comes from "columba" meaning "dove". As does "Columbine" associated with the 1999 high school mass shooting and Marilyn Manson.

And now…

Hurricane Nate, and North Korea...

Will Elon Musk make Puerto Rico fully solar-powered? It appears they are going to try and this would make Puerto Rico a model "nation" in the 21st century, which will prompt others to follow suit more quickly. Talk about  phoenix rising from the ashes. Let's hope their vision becomes a


We are now entering our Columbus Day window... Columbus Day is the 9th, and the 12th is the actual date of the New World discovery, coinciding with a very close asteroid flyby etc. Heavily intertwined with a lot of significant ongoing themes...

Still tweaking

I may try to update the design of the new website (STR) again this weekend (last weekend it went badly and I had to undo all the changes made). And this is urgently needed as I feel a bit trapped in the current setup...

Still dreaming

Continuing "dream" (+ AI) theme: Blade Runner 2049 (released today) is a sequel to Blade Runner (1982) based on the novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" by Philip K. Dick. There is also an anthology series based on the works of Philip K. Dick called Electric Dreams, coming to

Two guns

Does the pair of guns that fell of Marilyn Manson hint at a "second shooter"? Maybe? (Context: Sleeper in Vegas)

Nate & Katrina

Interesting that Nate is so far projected to make landfall exactly where Hurricane Katrina did back in 2005. Nate is not nearly as powerful as Katrina, however.

Another one

Heads-up: Tropical Storm Nate is projected to strike US Gulf Coast around Sunday as a Category-1 hurricane.


Made a major breakthrough in decoding the Las Vegas event last night. Will be discussed in my next (premium) article.


More royal/"Monarch" symbolism: The shooters first name "Stephen" means "crown"; the story engraved on the Great Sphinx Dream Stele is not only about a dreaming prince but also about an instruction on how to become king (monarch). Also as reader Naomi noted, Mandalay Bay remodeled its rooms a few years