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Phoenix impact?

Watching this situation in Phoenix where Trump plans to hold a campaign rally Tuesday, the day after the eclipse, and possibly announce a pardon for former Joe Arpaio (found guilty of continuing racial profiling practices). The Phoenix mayor asked Trump to postpone the event but as of now it is still happening

How it began

I may post a surprise (public) article later today... now that the presidential Titanic has hit the iceberg and the inevitable is coming.

Eclipse T-3 days

Want to know the hidden symbolic design behind the upcoming solar eclipse? Stay tuned...

Testing America’s heart

The Charlottesville "Race & Terror" documentary if you haven't watched it yet... Very dangerous time for America, especially without proper leadership. Feeling the Great American Solar Eclipse yet?

Eclipse prophecy

The "rise of the Nazis" we are shocked to be witnessing this month in the US was "foretold" by this month's Great American Solar Eclipse. This was pointed out in my articles first back in June and again in "The World War eclipse" before the Charlottesville chaos. One of the
A big "uh oh" moment in the US... Something became undeniable. Something that cannot continue. Quiet shock wave...


I'll be releasing some key information soon... over the next week.

Eclipse, Nazis & world war

The dramatic fulfillment of the "rise of the Nazis" portion of the Aug 21 eclipse pattern (which is still surreal and ongoing) makes us wonder about the other portion of the eclipse temporal pattern - "world war". Did the North Korea nuclear/missile threat which did raise the fear of a

FB share button fixed

The Facebook share button is more functional now (an actual picture showing, relevant excerpt, etc.). Share away!

Mid August

Charlottesville, North Korea, etc. are multicontextually entangled quite heavily. Temporally mid August is filled with key dates for this ensemble. The 12th was one (as STR members know) and we saw what happened. August 17-18 pretty intense for certain reasons. August 16 = Deep Impact Day (in the film). August

Site tips

Please note that: 1) The "Top Story" section of STR (top middle on the main page) does not always show the latest article, so keep your eye on the "Latest Articles" section right below it as well; 2) the three tabs right above the top story graphic (right below the

Getting crazy out there

Suddenly a race war in the US? It's getting intense. People have been focusing so much on the day of the eclipse itself (Aug 21). When there is that much conscious attention things tend to happen *around* it. Thus North Korea, Charlottesville, and such we are seeing already. "As above, so

1933 echo

How eerie is it to see the white nationalist chaos in Virginia suddenly making headlines this weekend in the context of our latest article ("World War eclipse")?


We've been talking so much about the Great American Total Solar Eclipse since a year ago (on STRUG) that by the time people all over the world began focusing on it this summer we were already done talking about it. lol But we'll of course be releasing very unique (reality-bending)

So far so good

Things are running smoothly enough so far and I'm getting ready to make a more public announcement letting more people know about the existence of this new website...

Reader comment

STR is officially live!

STR is officially debuting tonight! An official announcement has been made on STRUG so they can begin their migration to this new place. No public announcement outside of STRUG yet but that's coming in the near future as well. After 12 long years, finally a new, modern website! But no

Almost there

We are now very close to officially opening this website. Currently adding final touches and some recent posts from STRUG. Existing members from STRUG should start visiting here this week after an announcement. Etemenanki readers will be notified sometime in the near future as well. The big transition will be

Semi secret

This website is now publicly viewable but has not been announced anywhere yet. Very few people come to this root directory so only a handful of random visitors have discovered it lurking below the old ones. :)
You are looking at a brand new website! For now everything is in beta and requires a lot of testing before it goes live fully. Once ready I will make an announcement. If you are an existing member, STRUG (Super Torch Ritual Underground) is still HERE. If you want to

Note #7 title

Giza experiences a hot desert climate like arid climate (Köppen: BWh). Its climate is similar to Cairo, owing to its proximity. Wind storms can be frequent across Egypt in spring, bringing Saharan dust into the city during the months of March and April.

Note #6 title

Road transport is facilitated by personal vehicles, taxi cabs, privately owned public buses and microbuses. Giza shares with Cairo a subway system.

Note #5 title

As ancient Egypt passed under several conquests under the Persians, Greeks, Romans and Byzantines, so did the area in what is now Giza.

Note #4 title

The area in what is now Giza served as the necropolis of several pharaohs who ruled ancient Egypt, during the 2nd millennium BC.

Note #3 title

Once thriving with the Nile that flowed right into the Giza Plateau, the pyramids of Giza were built overlooking the ancient Egyptian capital city of Memphis, across the river from modern day Cairo. The Giza Plateau is also home to Egyptian monuments such as the tomb of Pharaoh Djet of

Note #2 title

"Mn Nefer" (Memphis, in Greek), which means "the beautiful wall" in the ancient Egyptian language, the capital city of the first unified Egyptian state since the days of Pharaoh Narmer, lies nearly 20 km (12.43 mi) south of Giza. Giza's most famous archaeological site, the Giza Plateau, holds some major monuments of Egyptian

Note #1 title

This is the first "Quite Note" text. Just testing to see how it looks in the right sidebar. Here are more texts. Blah blah blah. Summer is here. Very hot indeed.