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New phase (endgame)

The story emerging today is that while Mueller is done with his investigation, his report marks the beginning of a new (endgame) phase. This matches our long-running assessment which is evident in our recent updates…

Mar 24 So it begins

This weekend Mueller submitted his report (Friday) at last and attorney general William Bar (recently appointed by Trump) submitted his personal summary of the report (Sunday). Not getting much attention so far is the confirmation underscoring the reality of Russia’s massive effort to interfere. That’s important. Beyond that (the level of collusion, obstruction, and especially financial issues etc.), facts are still murky though for now looking positive for the White House. Let the aftermath begin. Expect a lot of twists and turns in the coming days, weeks and months.


Apr 09 Endgame time frame

AG Barr stated in a Congressional hearing today he will release the (redacted) Mueller Report within a week, which likely means Friday night (April 11) for obvious reasons. [Update: Barr ended up releasing the report a few days later than his own deadline.] While the report will no doubt answer some lingering questions, many questions will certainly go unanswered and some new questions – some very serious – will emerge almost immediately.

Remember that since last year STR has been projecting a February-June 2019 timeframe for the Trump/Russia investigation endgame. (The opening date pinpointed by our Golden Ratio time code gave us the pubic hearing of Michael Cohen on February 27 which was one of the most dramatic moments in the ongoing saga so far.) So expect the unfolding drama – a slow-moving tsunami – to continue into summer.

Also keep in mind, there was a whopping 3 month delay between the Bering Sea meteor Deep Impact event (Dec 18) – aka “Mueller asteroid” – and NASA announcing it to the world (mid March). The latter closely coincided with Mueller finally submitting his report. 3 months from mid March is mid June. We can interpret it as the time of “disclosure” or “revelation”.